Young Sheldon Effectively Skips Sheldon’s Second Darkest George Storyline

George’s recent high luck suggests that Young Sheldon is effectively skipping Sheldon’s second darkest story about his father on The Big Bang Theory.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Season 6 of Young Sheldon.

George’s last arc on Young Sheldon suggests he actually skips Sheldon’s second darkest storyline about him on The Big Bang Theory. Inspired by Sheldon’s penchant for sharing anecdotes from his childhood, CBS greenlit Young Sheldon to fully explore his time with his family in Texas before moving to Pasadena. This allows the prequel to fully show many of Sheldon’s memorable experiences, especially as they relate to the rest of the Coopers, especially his father. However, the recent turn of events on Young Sheldon season 6 hints that the network is choosing to totally ignore one of its darker anecdotes about George.


In The Big Bang Theory season 9, Sheldon opened up about his father getting fired from his job as a cashier after catching him stealing and reporting him. George loses his original work on the Young Sheldon The Season 5 finale seemed like a setup for that, as he worked at Dale as a salesman instead. Things have now changed, however, after Medford High School was forced to reinstate him as full-time football team coach. It’s uncertain whether George will continue to work part-time at Dale’s shop, but it won’t be surprising if he soon abandons it.

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Why Young Sheldon Skips George’s Theft Plot

Young Sheldon Cooper and George

For years, Young Sheldon struggled to reconcile his version of George with the way Sheldon and Mary portrayed him on The Big Bang Theory. Instead of the lazy, good-for-nothing family man, the Cooper patriarch is actually a flawed but dedicated father and husband on the previous spinoff. For this reason, the offshoot has to be smart with the stories about him from The Big Bang Theory they want to tackle, explaining why the aforementioned one just wasn’t included. In addition, Young Sheldon Season 6 already has a lot of storylines happening simultaneously. Doing George’s flight story would disrupt the storytelling flow of the series at this point.

George still has dark days ahead of young Sheldon

young sheldon season 5 george brenda

After the tumultuous end of Young Sheldon season 5, things start to feel normal again in the Cooper household. Mary and George are back to full-time jobs; Georgie and Mandy get along well; the Cooper twins are doing well and Meemaw’s business continues to boom. However, there are still dark days ahead of Sheldon’s family – especially his father. The case and George’s death should take place in a year or two. Unlike his history of theft, George’s delayed cheating scandal is far too important in his son’s personal arc to ignore. Meanwhile, George’s impending demise cannot be ignored because of TBBTthe continuity.

Unfortunately, Young Sheldon has little time with George. For this reason, CBS should take advantage of this peaceful time in the Cooper household and show more of their relationship with each member of their family. Skipping its flight arc gives the show that storytelling opportunity. After that, everything will go wrong for him because he makes the big mistake of having an extramarital affair.

Young Sheldon Season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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