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Wind – A new wind power manufacturing plant is announced in Oklahoma

Services on these turbines will be performed entirely on site, with the exception of transporting the actual turbines to and from the facility.

“We’re going to try to keep everything in-house,” said Travis Harkins, COO of RENEW Energy. “The only thing I would say would be off-site is round-trip transportation, and that will be through Global Specialized Services, our sister company. They will provide the transportation to us, and then our other partner site, Transportation Partners and Logistics, will provide the logistics and material handling.

For years, the city of Enid, Oklahoma has been an important partner of RENEW and all of its sister companies. So when they approached city officials with the idea for the new facility, the deal was easy to close.

“The main reason this will benefit our customers is Enid’s strategic location in the Southern Wind Corridor of North America,” Harkins revealed. “It’s right in the heart of wind projects and wind farms, so that really puts us in an ideal location to service multiple asset owners, as well as OEMs in that location.”

Another huge advantage for customers is the actual size of the installation. The RENEW facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a capacity of up to three megawatts. The Enid site will have a capacity of up to seven megawatts.

These are the benefits for customers. But the new facility will also benefit the city of Enid. For multiple reasons, including the fact that it will provide more than 90 full-time jobs to the community.

“We’re going to have jobs ranging from entry-level workstations all the way up to engineering and management,” Harkins said. “Obviously, with engineering and management, these are trades that require a certain education, but there is also the technical aspect. There will be several skilled labor positions that are not only based on experience but also on trade schools.

Harkins said that at its peak, this new facility will be able to provide more than 90 paid positions for Enid residents. The creation of this new facility benefits all parties involved and secures Enid’s involvement in the ever-changing world of wind energy.

“As far as this opportunity goes – obviously we’re creating a lot of new jobs, but it’s also a new sector as far as the energy market goes right now,” Harkins said. “Instead of being in oil and gas, it brings renewable energy. And renewables are going to be around for a while; it is the fastest growing energy industry today. So it’s a big chunk. But the other big thing is that TP&L has been in the community and they’ve had great support. They support local events, the community and several non-profit organizations. Whether it’s giving time or, of course, donations, or even the fact that last year GSS and TP&L provided Enid with the largest Christmas tree in the world – these are all great things and they have created a great partnership and relationship between the local community and TAKKION as a whole.

Powell agreed.

“Enid has always recognized itself as the hub of renewable energy development in the south-central part of the United States,” she said. “With our proximity to renewable energy projects and our strong transport network, it makes sense that manufacturing and maintenance to support the renewable industry is also located in Enid. This announcement from RENEW is an important first step in the realization of this vision and could be just the beginning of a new industrial cluster in North Central Oklahoma. We appreciate the investment in facilities and new jobs that RENEW is bringing to our community and look forward to to sustain their success for years to come.

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