Why Oregon Students Need Standards, Not Standardized Tests

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The Right Direction for Responsible Gun Ownership

I was enraged by several children once when I was 8, and used my father’s gun to terrify them. Luckily, I didn’t shoot. Unfortunately, the unregulated proliferation of guns combined with emotional turmoil has led America to bleed from within because of gun deaths. Proponents and opponents of guns have an equally shared responsibility to engage in the healing of our nation.

Oregon is bleeding at a faster rate of states with gun-buying laws, creating delays between anger and gun violence. Measure 114 is a law that could curb impulsive shooting. Did you know that over 80% of all firearm deaths are suicides?

Since M114 would not apply to current gun owners and only applies to guns purchased after it came into effect, it may seem weak. Still, states that have enacted similar purchase permit laws have documented decreases in mass shootings (56%), suicides (33%), and homicides (28%). It’s even more amazing that 77% of gun owners in these states agree with the law.

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