Where to work this year at Ohio University

One of the hardest lessons to learn as adults is how quickly hard-earned money can evaporate before their eyes. Sure, the independence and responsibility of fending for yourself in school is empowering, but that feeling can quickly fade when your bank account starts to deflate like you’ve stuck a pin in it.

One way to make sure the nightmare doesn’t become your reality is to get a job, especially the one offered by Ohio University.

Here are just a few of the many job options offered by OU, most of which are doable 10-15 hours per week to fit into her class schedule.

First of all, if you’re not sure what part-time occupation is best for you, plugging your name and email address into the UO’s job alerts page will give you the option to select fields that may interest you and to receive e-mails when positions in these fields open up. at the top.

From barista to student marketing and communications assistant, this page will send you alerts for a wide range of jobs and include a full description of each position. In addition to sending alerts, by creating an account, this page will score and help you through the application process for any job you are considering.

This feature can be very useful for those trying to find jobs more oriented towards their specialty or if you prefer office space rather than getting your hands dirty.

For those just looking for a steady stream of income to fund a night out on Court Street, Ohio Culinary Services is a great option because they ALWAYS need more employees.

This doesn’t just mean working in the mess halls, there are many other positions the department is looking to fill. For example, any of the quaint cafes located in the library or the market and the markets themselves are up for grabs.

If you have experience as a server or want to gain some, Latitude 39 is also an option. You can even work in the Hungry Cat Food Truck located on campus.

Not interested in working so closely with food? No problem, you can also apply to serve as a Student Coordinator or Office Assistant under the Culinary Services umbrella.

Moving on to another huge employer on campus, Alden Library is also always happy to welcome new members to its team. Although a job in the library may seem quite simple, there are actually differences depending on the floor you choose.

The Frederick and Kazuko Fine Arts Library is located on the third floor of Alden and contains many examples of visual arts, coupled with technology that students can use to further their education or simply explore as a hobby. If you love visual arts (especially photography and Asian art), this floor may be perfect for you.

Another example of the uniqueness of each section of Alden is the International Collections Center which is located on the first floor. If you are an international student who wants to learn more about your home or just someone who is interested in other cultures, this floor is where you would go to accomplish that.

Although not located in Alden, the Music and Dance Library is still part of Alden’s lineup of jobs. Containing music recordings, books written on the history of music and dance, and transcribed musical scores, it is on the fifth floor of Glidden.

If any of these subjects interest you, why not find a job in one of these sections and learn more about that interest while earning some money?

Finally, those who are eligible for student aid and have updated their FAFSA have the opportunity to be employed through the Federal Labor Study. This program makes it easy to apply for community service jobs on your campus and strives to create a schedule around your schoolwork and classes.

If you qualify, there will be an option at your Ohio student center to complete an application for this program.

Similarly, there will also be an option offered known as the Career Exploration Assistance Program, or PACE Program. This program (if eligible) helps find a paid internship in their respective field, however, students cannot participate in the PACE and Federal Work Study programs at the same time.

I hope with this knowledge you will feel a little better if you arrive in Athens with less money than you would have liked.

Even if you’re not desperate for extra money, sign up for OU’s Jobs Alert anyway, you never know what opportunities might come your way.



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