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When it comes to work, we can do better than “back to normal”

Labor issues seem to be in the headlines less in recent weeks as jobs are added to the economy, unemployment declines and the labor force participation rate rises. It is clear that an economic recovery is well under way, but the benefits of this recovery have been unevenly distributed.

There are more than a million fewer women in the workforce than there were before the pandemic, and black women are returning to the workforce at a slower pace. Although the overall black unemployment rate is almost back to pre-pandemic levels, it is still nearly double the national average. This is despite the fact that labor demand is near an all-time high and there are now more jobs available than people in the labor force.

In light of some of these factors, it is perhaps unsurprising that general perceptions of the performance of the economy are largely negative. Economists and policymakers, however, have yet to reach a consensus on the root cause of the public’s gloomy view. At Cohear, we posed the question to our community, asking “everyday experts” – people whose lives are impacted by these issues on a daily basis – why they believe the economy is not doing well.

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