What are the most stressful jobs? Judges, nurses and others make the top 10

Whether it’s tight deadlines, long hours, or life-or-death situations, every job has its share of stress, although some have more than others.

According to Mental Health America’s 2022 Mind the Workplace report, a quarter to a third of people’s lives will take place in the workplace, and four out of five employees say job stress affects their relationships.

The Occupational Information Network, or O*NET, part of the US Department of Labor, recently ranked 873 of the nation’s most stressful jobs. The ranking highlights the importance of accepting criticism and handling high-stress situations calmly and effectively in each role.

Jobs don’t just include careers that pay high salaries, including urologists (ranked #1) and judges (ranked #4). Some of the jobs pay low median salaries, such as acute care nurses (ranked No. 6) and retail supervisors (No. 9).

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