What are the 10 best jobs for graphic designers

A graphic designer is a flexible specialty in high demand on the labor market. These designers can find creative, technical and mixed professions with the right degree. Later, they translate brand messages and product advertisements through visual art.

Graphic designers also create characters, software design perspectives, and general user experience. This article will explore the best job opportunities for graphic designers. Each of the positions will require a good CV and a cover letter.

Competition in the labor market is intense. Therefore, each of these documents must be impeccable. The best way to achieve this goal is to entrust the task to professionals. For example, cover letter services will highlight the candidate’s strongest accomplishments. Also, such a cover letter will show genuine interest in a position. With an impressive federal career expert resume and cover letter, what positions are available for a graphic designer?

Why become a graphic designer?

The growing computer and entertainment industries need specialists who communicate visually with users. From mascots to interfaces, graphic designers create the look and feel of the modern digital world.

Flexibility is another benefit of working as a graphic designer. There are full-time career opportunities for a graphic design degree. At the same time, a candidate can apply for a part-time position with an online course certificate.

This career field also involves flexibility for tasks. For example, a graphic designer can occupy managerial, technical and creative positions. However, the candidates most likely to combine these areas of expertise are the most likely to do so.

3D designer

3D design is a broad specialization of graphic design. 3D designers create 3D renderings of products that require a long production cycle. These objects can be used in presentations in different industries. These types of designers can create concepts of:

  • Vehicles,
  • Buildings,
  • Characters,
  • Devices.

The exact specialization of a 3D designer depends on the company that is looking for one.

Game development graphic designer

The field of game development needs graphics experts of different types. A graphic designer can be a 3D concept artist, a UI designer, or even a level designer in the development cycle. Of course, the larger the company offering a position, the narrower a designer’s specialization will be.


An industrial designer is a sub-specialization of 3D design. Industrial designers also create visualizations of industry-related objects and their details. This position suggests one of the highest salaries available in this career field.

Design Technologist

The specialization of a design technologist is at the intersection of management, computer development, and graphic design. The design technologist coordinates the work of the graphics and development team. The main task of a design technologist is to create an optimal user experience within the confines of the given project.

visual designer

Visual designers translate client ideas into complete projects. The particular tasks of graphic designers depend on the industry in which they operate and the ideas of the client. The main mission of a visual designer is to meet a client with a vision and discuss all the details of the future project.

The project may include the company logo, the development of the brand visualization from scratch or the creation of new advertising materials. The goal is to apply the client’s ideas within the frameworks of the graphic design and make the end result captivating for consumers.

Senior Designer

Becoming a senior designer is the first major step in a graphic designer’s career. Due to his rich experience and in-depth knowledge of design techniques, a senior designer oversees the work of an entire team.

A senior designer may still perform some graphic design related tasks, but their main goal is to keep the team on track. Also, a senior designer may be responsible for the final look of the product. Therefore, they can work on adjustments and improvements to the team’s work.

Creative Manager

The position of creative director is similar to that of a visual designer, but the manager operates at a higher level. After meeting with the client, a creative lead assigns respective tasks to members of the innovative team. The main job of the manager is to translate the project framework into achievable goals. A creative manager must know management and visual design techniques. If a candidate can combine these responsibilities, a visionary manager position is a forward-looking choice.

Artistic director

One of the highest positions available for a graphic designer and the main goal of a graphic designer’s career. An art director oversees the visual components of a project: a film, website, or app. Additionally, an art director decides which projects will benefit the final product. Also, the director can issue a creative strategy to guide other teams and departments. Applicants with years of graphic design experience can apply for an art director position.

concept artist

A concept artist creates visual sketches that help imagine the final product. Usually, concept artists work on movies and video games and create detailed landscapes and characters. Yet concept artists can also create site logos, sketch web layouts, and program interfaces. Concept art work will suit a graphic designer ready to implement general ideas into a solid image.

Front-end developer

A front-end developer is a specialist who creates the external framework of a website or application. A front-end developer should be versed in web development and graphic design

theory to implement the best solutions. Startups and large-scale marketing campaigns need skilled front-end developers. A combination of two specialties can result in a profitable position for a graphic designer.


Different industries in the job market require skilled graphic designers. Graphic designers are flexible specialists who create visuals for commercials, television shows and video games. In addition, they develop device and vehicle concepts in industrial areas and application layouts for the IT sector.

Graphic designers also have career development prospects. They become senior artists and can go further as creative managers or art directors. The combination of web development skills and graphic design knowledge also opens up career opportunities. Each of the positions is forward-looking and has a decent salary.

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