What are insider cybersecurity threats?

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An insider cybersecurity threat occurs when someone with access chooses or is tricked into using that access to harm your business.

Insider cybersecurity threats can be employees, contractors, vendors, or visitors, and their intent can be intentional or accidental.

An example of a scenario where this could happen is in the healthcare sector. Medical providers often have to move patient information through poorly integrated systems. Wanting to do their job, the vendor may decide to bypass the tech tools and plug in a USB drive to speed things up. This USB key can then extract sensitive information and provide it to others who do not need it.

Another example of USB risks is when a vendor or service provider needs to perform maintenance on specialized medical equipment. They use a USB drive to transfer essential configuration files, which leads to the sharing of malware acquired from previous customers. Triggers that may warrant additional attention include employment actions, including resignation, termination, job transfer, or the individual becoming unhappy or unhappy with their working conditions.

Three resources you can use to learn more about insider threats.

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Now that you know about insider threats, how can you deal with this ever-present risk?

If you want to reduce the likelihood of insider threats in your business, you need to plan for this risk in advance.

Specific steps include:

Considering and ultimately taking action against insider threats will get you the cheapest wisdom possible.

And that applies whether you’re a seasoned cyber professional, new to your role as a cyber professional, or wondering what goes through the mind of a cybersecurity professional.

What are you doing to reduce insider risk in your business? Share with us in the comments section below.

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