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Sven, a seven-year-old search and rescue dog, has been missing in the area for about two weeks. Photo submitted

Sven, a 7-year-old German Shepherd who is also a certified search and rescue dog, remains missing.

Sven disappeared on October 5 from the New York-Pennsylvania border between Ashville and Sugar Grove. He has been trained as a search and rescue dog since he was about a year old and has all of his certifications. His owner and manager Bryonna Ford works with him as part of the Cherry Grove Search and Rescue Department in Cherry Grove, Pennsylvania. Ford is also a student at Jamestown Community College and works part-time at a dental office.

“We had a few possible sightings, but nothing positive that we could walk away from,” said Ford. “We are offering $1,000 for his return.”

Since his disappearance, Ford and his family have done everything they can to find him, including on social media and search groups.

“We were on foot using mountain bikes,” said Ford. “We had people who came to see through the woods with their horses. We saw cars going up and down the roads and someone came with their drones and searched the area. There are over 700 flyers and posters everywhere.

The family also announced the news of Sven on radio and television. They also searched side-by-side, on foot, and even at night. They also consulted a trapper to set traps for him once he was spotted. They said he was not a runner and had never strayed before.

Sven was last seen around Wellman Road and Blossom Road, but Ford said it was difficult to know for sure if it was him or not, as many people on Blossom Road have german shepherds.

If Sven is located, Ford asks you not to call or chase him, but rather take a photo and get an exact location and contact him.

“Take a picture if you can without getting close or scaring him,” said Ford. “Don’t call him or try to chase him away. Just call me and when you call please call me with the exact location and time of the sighting and I will pick it up.

As a search and rescue dog, Sven has done a service to his community, and the family is now asking the community for help in finding him and bringing him home.

“He has a loving home” said Ford. “We miss him deeply. Please call me if you see him.

Ford can be reached at 716-456-1070.

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