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Want to work part-time in college? Here are some tips on what you can do

Going to college is not a cheap deal. There are too many expenses to take care of and parents cannot always be asked to back down. Whether you are a stockbroker or not, the money will surely come out in substantial amounts. Therefore, it is quite natural for students to consider working part-time. This is particularly common among international students whose expenses are not to be neglected. Now the question is what kind of part time jobs should students prefer.
Today you can find millions of opportunities to earn money. You can go online and offer services in various fields or work conventionally. A few of them are very popular among students, and I will list them below. I am well aware of the fact that work preferences will differ from student to student depending on their needs. Still, there’s no harm in considering the ones I’ve mentioned below.

Here are some tips on what you can do:

  1. Become a tutor
    One of the most common jobs for students is that of a tutor. You can always spend a few hours teaching students from any background and earn some money. Trust me; parents are willing to throw money like that at good tutors; you need the appropriate qualification and skills. Also, you don’t need to personally go to tutor students. We are in the 21st century and you are free to take your courses online. Look around and you’re sure to find tutoring opportunities you can take advantage of.
  2. Work in restaurants, bars or supermarkets
    These are the classic places to find part-time students. Generally, restaurants etc. need extra staff to distribute the extra work, and the payment is also quite reasonable. You are, however, expected to negotiate the terms as you might end up working long hours which can hamper your education. Most of the time, these places advertise the need for an additional member of staff; in case you can’t find one, ask around and you will know. In this pandemic, however, the restaurant industry has been largely affected, so it may become difficult to work in these places at reasonable rates of pay. Perhaps, when we reach the state of normality, we should expect to return to what was before.
  3. Baby sitting
    Parents need a break from all the parenting chores they have to go through. Even when there is no question of taking a break, they may find themselves in a situation where they cannot take care of the child. That’s when they need the help of skilled babysitters. If you don’t find caring for children boring, you might want to try babysitting. You have to stay home and watch the child for a certain number of hours and get paid. Well, of course I make it sound like the easiest job in the world – it’s not! But there is money!
  4. Become independent
    I have told you how dynamic the world has become in the present century. You don’t necessarily need to find traditional part-time jobs to survive. There are tons to explore online. All you have to do is go freelance and you’re good to go. As a freelancer, you can do multiple gigs at competitive prices. Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer are some of the many places where you can find such opportunities. Decide what kind of services you want to offer, bid for relevant gigs and earn money.
  5. Take advantage of paid internships
    It’s a great way to learn and earn. Plus, you can step up your resume game with these internships. Tons of internships are paid and flexible in nature. Whatever your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, explore internship options in the same field. Note that many internships offer meager stipends that you can barely survive on. It is therefore always advisable to consult your teachers, peers and seniors on where to do an internship. What more do you want: you get a decorative certificate to show off to your potential employer and avoid living hand to mouth during your university years.

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