You are currently viewing VIDEO Interview: Mark Gorrie, NortonLifeLock APAC MD, talks about Norton 360 Advanced, two new cybersecurity reports and more

VIDEO Interview: Mark Gorrie, NortonLifeLock APAC MD, talks about Norton 360 Advanced, two new cybersecurity reports and more

GUEST TALK: Internet security software is now an essential part of life online for all your devices, with Norton 360 Advanced also including insurance against identity theft for the first time, and with cyber crooks smarter than ever, we look at the findings of two new Cyber ​​Safety Insights and Pulse reports focused on child safety and the latest scams plaguing us all.

Norton. A merger between the American company LifeLock and Norton a few years ago, which divested itself of its Symantec products and services at the enterprise level, led to NortonLifeLock – the company is a security titan with a history of decades, more focused on consumer protection than ever before.

The Norton brand is now building on NortonLifeLock’s expertise in consumer identity protection in Australia, launching new features to help victims of identity theft.

Today, this includes internet security going beyond viruses, using technology to help with malware, spyware and ransomware, backups, social media protection, VPNs, updating automated or manual software update on PCs, identity theft protection, firewall, computer optimization, mobile device protection. , dark web monitoring, parental and school schedule controls, and more, now including insurance.

Its latest offering is called Norton 360 Advanced, which includes all of the above features, can be installed on five devices, whether they’re running Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, and sells for $257 for a one-time license. year.

Shopping, social media sharing, and data breaches could expose your personal information and unfortunately lead to identity theft, with far-reaching repercussions such as lost funds, loans, or credits taken out in your name.

Norton 360 Advanced is unique in the world of Internet security software in that it offers identity theft protection features, identity restoration support (with a dedicated support person to guide you so you can have the same support person overseeing your case) and up to AUD $58,000 in insurance protection to cover you in the event of an identity theft incident.

And this protection is absolutely necessary, especially to protect our children, as evidenced by the “2022 Norton Cyber ​​​​Safety Insights Report: Special Release – Home & Family”, downloadable for free here.

Among a range of topics, the report also covers how parents over-trust their children when they go online and use devices, what children do online without supervision, and how parents can ensure that their children stay safe online.

There is also new information from the “Norton Consumer Cyber ​​​​Safety Pulse Report: Phishing for New Bait on Social Media”, which you can read more about here and here, which covers the eight unique social media phishing lures that you need to know, which include classic login phishing, locked accounts notices, copyright infringement notices, verified badge scams, profile hijacking services, follower generation services, two-factor authentication interception and payment fraud.

According to the numbers, Norton has thwarted over 900 million threats, or around 10 million threats per day worldwide, and that’s just the April to June quarter of 2022! In Australia, Norton blocked a total of 32,660,129 threats, which equates to an average of 358,902.52 blocks per day.

Global figures versus Australia include:

  • 22.6 million phishing attempts worldwide, including 986,492 in Australia
  • 103.7 million file threats worldwide, including 1,570,841 in Australia
  • 41,029 tech support threats blocked in Australia
  • Globally, there were 302,000 mobile threats and 78,000 ransomware attacks

So, to learn more about the new Norton 360 Advanced, its new insurance and other protections, and the new tell-all reports, we spoke with Mark Gorrie, Norton General Manager at NortonLifeLock APAC for all the details, with this interview video embedded directly below, followed by a summary of the topics we talked about.

  • I started by introducing Mark and asked him to tell us about the features and benefits of the new Norton 360 Advanced, as well as detailing the AUD 58,000 insurance package.
  • We discussed upgrade options for existing Norton 360 customers and the new Software Update feature that can automatically or manually update outdated software on Windows PCs, and when it might also happen for Macs. .
  • We then delved into the two cybersecurity reports linked above, focusing on home and family security, as well as the growing threats of scams infiltrating our phones and how Norton software can protect you.
  • Then we turned to the other end of the spectrum – older people – and what Norton is doing to keep older people safe in an increasingly dangerous world.
  • Diving into other things about NortonLifeLock that we need to know, Mark shared his thoughts on how Norton is expected to evolve over the next two years, and how Norton will protect us in the 2030s when the metaverse and augmented reality glasses /mixed and extended should be everywhere.
  • We finished with Mark sharing memories of his first computer, the first time he encountered a virus, the good advice he received in life, and his final message to iTWire viewers and readers, as well as to its current and future customers and partners.

So to learn more about the new Norton 360 Advanced, findings from the latest Norton reports and more, watch the video interview with Mark Gorrie above!

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