Venture College Announces Statewide Competitions Offering Over $60,000 in Cash Prizes

Check out the Hacking for Homebuilding 2021 presentation where Flashpoint Building Systems took first place in the public track.

The Venture College of the College of Innovation and Design is partnering with Boise Entrepreneur Week to host the third annual Hacking for Homebuilding and second annual Cybersecurity Entrepreneur Challenge reverse pitch competitions.

Hacking for home building

Hacking for Homebuilding, presented in partnership with Boise State’s College of Engineering, is a statewide competition in which industry partners identify the challenges they face every day and present them as statements of problems. Participants select a problem to solve and work closely with Venture College staff, a community of mentors and industry leaders to come up with a solution in the form of a new venture.

Applications are due September 15. The top three teams from each track will present Oct. 25 at Boise Entrepreneur Week. Over $40,000 in prize money will be available.

Here are examples of previous problem statements:

  • How can we reduce after-hours theft or vandalism of equipment trailers?
  • How can we more effectively integrate remote customer-facing jobs?
  • How can we more effectively train and monitor third-party installers to follow product procedures and not cause costly errors?
  • How to reduce the waste of unused materials?
  • Other examples of problem statements can be found here.

This year’s event offers two tracks:

  • Student: Open to Idaho higher education students. At least one member must be an enrolled student at an Idaho college or university.
  • Public: Open to the community and the general public. Participants in this track do not need to be an Idaho resident to compete.

Hacking for Homebuilding 2022 sponsors include Franklin Building Supply, Alturas Homes, Boise Cascade, Masonite, House of Design Robotic Solutions and Rugby Architectural Building Products.

Cybersecurity Entrepreneur Challenge

Cybersecurity Entrepreneur Challenge is presented in partnership with Boise State’s Institute of Pervasive Cybersecurity. Formatted similarly to Hacking for Homebuilding, this contest is open to Idaho college students. Participants form interdisciplinary teams, select a problem provided by industry partners and propose a solution in the form of a new business.

Applications for the Cybersecurity Entrepreneur Challenge are due October 6. The top three teams will show up Oct. 26 at Boise Entrepreneur Week to compete for more than $20,000 in cash prizes.

Here are examples of problem statements from last year:

  • How to reduce or eliminate password sharing?
  • How do you get visibility into cyber risks when companies mostly miss the cloud with third-party services?
  • How can digital cybersecurity tools better integrate with physical security?
  • How do we balance insider threat detection with data privacy laws?
  • More problem statements can be found here.

Micron Technology and PlexTrac are sponsors of this year’s Cybersecurity Entrepreneur Challenge.

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