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WOKEN Designer UX/UI (CDI)

About WOKEN:

  • Company presentation: WOKEN is a web-based platform to guide professionals through a step-by-step learning and reflection process to clarify your ideal career path. From there, we guide a professional through development decisions, personal branding improvements, and an effective job search to land a job you’ll love.
  • Assignment: Wake the world up to remember that you can and should find a job you love.
  • Vision: Top-notch career support for every working professional at every stage of your journey.
  • Honors: NSF I Corps Grant, NYU Venture Fellow, winner of NYU InnoVention competition, $10,000 raised on iFundWomen; Primed.
  • Core Values/Culture: We value practicing what we preach (do what you are good at), transparency, direct/frequent/proactive communication, giving and receiving feedback, iterating processes to reinforce results, scrapping, balancing efficiency and quality, avoiding the myth of multitasking, prioritization to help us focus, operate, systematize and measure impact.
  • Learn more:

Mission of the position:

  • Design the next version of our web product/platform
  • Take various layers of complex products, options for information architecture, use cases and personalities, as well as the future vision of the product, and simplify them in the next version of our product which is easy to navigate for users and efficient for them to get results

Expectations and results:

  • Onboard (understanding the current platform and all streams that also occur outside the platform i.e. Career Success Spreadsheet, Job Search Spreadsheet, google doc timeline, text and email streams, pre-made email templates)
  • Finalize the sitemap
  • Finalize the design of the new product dashboard (information architecture)
  • Make sure all current features are represented, even if they are in a new way
  • The main features of the off-platform tools i.e. email templates/google docs/sheets are included somewhere so we can migrate these additional documents as part of an upcoming product complete
    • Client Core Capabilities: Examples: perform each activity, set target dates, where/how they will access relevant resources, track 3 key metrics
    • Core Coach Capabilities: Examples: send feedback to clients, review clients’ work, create a goal, start a new stage
  • Represent designs for basic UX flows between stages: i.e. how a client sees a new stage published, how they submit a stage for review, etc.
  • Represent designs for all new core features/functionality (i.e. coach/client communication, coach goal creation)
  • Highlight 1-2 specific activity screens (i.e. coach dashboard and a client screen i.e. research or networking) (not all)
  • Do 1-2 rounds of pressure testing with current users / conduct user interviews to inform and iterate designs
    Refreshing the UI would involve this design starting from scratch rather than updating existing designs
    Purpose: good enough to show investors the next iteration of the product; see the context of the deliverable below

Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Directly design new product screens including UX and UI
  • Be able to create the project plan, manage the project plan, lead the project entirely, and decide what steps should happen when (i.e. user testing) to follow design best practices
  • Work directly with the CEO/Founder, as well as our second Career Coach and CTO
  • Conduct user interviews with our clients, to gather, test, collaborate and inform strategic designs

Future evolution of the role:

  • Full time product designer
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Product Design Manager / CPO

Diplomas & Skills:

  • 5-7 years of experience with UX and UI for web products
  • Have independently led the design and/or redesign of a new web product
  • Ideally, has experience taking an existing web platform and improving it or redesigning the next version (i.e. consider what works, what doesn’t work as well, feedback from users, etc.) in order to inform the next version
  • Natural affinity and in-depth experience with UX, UI and product design tools and processes
  • Ability to think strategically, creatively and multilevel
  • Only looking for someone who is a full-time freelancer and not working full-time or seeking full-time employment

How to register:

  • Send an email to with the subject “UX/UI DESIGNER – Your name” with your portfolio and CV.

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