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Utah Company Introduces New Way to Fill Your Job Openings

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With the pandemic’s “big shakeup,” an influx of overseas talent, and a booming startup industry, Utah companies face a unique recruiting challenge: maximizing their talent pool without sacrificing time and effort. budget. In this competitive hiring landscape, top candidates are quickly recruited, revenue is growing rapidly, and HR teams are revamping compensation packages and DEI’s strategic efforts. In short, leaders have never devoted so much effort to recruitment.

Traditional recruiting methods (in-house and outsourced) offer little relief to resource-strapped recruiting teams. The average cost of a new hire hovers around $4,000 and, in the case of replacing a current team member, up to twice the employee’s salary. Meanwhile, traditional recruitment fees average 25% of a placed candidate’s salary, tens of thousands of dollars on top of already high search, hiring and onboarding costs.

Ultimately, whether or not leaders are on the front lines of recruiting, sourcing, and retaining talent is a top concern for CEOs, startups, and HR teams. With the high cost of hiring and low ROI of traditional recruiting methods, many are unsure which efforts are most worth their time and budget.

A Utah company has introduced a new, affordable way for companies to fill these job openings. A recruitment firm based in the Silicon Slopes area of ​​Lehi, IsoTalent helps executive teams, hiring managers and HR professionals find much-needed talent through a modernized approach to pricing. Rather than charging placement fees based on salary, the firm replicates a similar approach to consulting and legal teams: bill by the hour.

Here’s how this Utah staffing agency revamped recruiting to save clients thousands of dollars by filling high-volume, technical, and leadership roles as easily as possible.

Hourly rate recruiting saves clients 40%-70% compared to traditional commission fees

The main difference in IsoTalent’s model is the amount of money companies save by paying by the hour. Traditional recruiters typically calculate a 20% to 25% fee based on the placed employee’s first year’s salary. This means that placing a marketing manager or software developer with a salary of $100,000 will cost an additional $25,000 to pay the recruiter. With IsoTalent’s model, the same service and quality of hire can cut the recruiting bill in half.

Consider metrics from a real IsoTalent client as proof. Last year, a local research-based biopharmaceutical company called on IsoTalent recruiters to hire an experienced CEO. With IsoTalent’s model, what would have cost $43,000 for a commission of $172,000 cost $9.4,000. By skipping commissions and charging by the hour, IsoTalent’s recruiting team saved the client over $30,000.

“Traditional recruiting is a major headache for organizations. Business leaders need to invest in their hiring efforts, but it can be expensive, time-consuming and tedious – in the end, it’s not worth the hassle and misalignment. I’ve worked in HR most of my life, and IsoTalent was designed to address issues I’ve seen first-hand: lack of accountability from professional recruiters, high commission fees, and the need for better tools. recruitment,” said Austin Miller, co-founder and CRO of IsoTalent.

Reduce time to hire

Through its hourly pricing approach, IsoTalent also frees up a non-renewable resource: time. While it takes a traditional recruiter two to three months to fill a leadership role, IsoTalent can do it in 44 days – and with full visibility into the process. With bi-weekly billing and weekly calibrator calls, IsoTalent helps hiring managers find, screen, review and interview qualified candidates within weeks.

This average time to fill is particularly significant for filling niche or technical roles; fill gaps in revenue-generating teams like sales and marketing; and hiring multiple candidates at once. Whether a company has a difficult role to fill or simply needs to fill several entry-level positions as quickly as possible, IsoTalent’s time-to-fill averages offer a clear and conservative solution.


Test applicant tracking with IsoConnect

IsoTalent recently launched a new software offering, IsoConnect’s Applicant Acceleration Platform. Similar to an ATS, IsoConnect is designed for busy hiring managers to track candidates, communicate with teams, and organize their search and interview efforts. IsoTalent has big plans for the platform this year and is currently working on creating more user-friendly features, data insights, and integrations.

The IsoConnect software team is looking for beta testers for this free applicant tracking platform. Interested persons can apply to register at

Evolve your recruitment with IsoTalent

Utah businesses are special, so much so that Lehi has earned the nickname “Silicon Slopes.” With so much innovation and competition in one state, it’s more important than ever for entrepreneurs and industry leaders to hire right the first time.

“Utah is an exceptional technology hub with connections to organizations around the world. Human capital is a priority for founders and start-up teams; in this market, they need all the tools available to attract talent techniques, tap into niche industry expertise, and hone their retention strategy and culture,” said Paul Ahlstrom, CEO of IsoTalent.

Hiring managers don’t have to sift through hundreds of applications or wait months to hire the talent their company needs. IsoTalent recruiters are dedicated to matching clients with the ideal candidates, building a culture of excellence and improving employee retention, all while saving you thousands of dollars. Contact them today to see how they can help you achieve your hiring goals and reduce hiring costs by 40%-70% with their innovative pricing model.

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