US government and corps seek to fill 700,000 cybersecurity jobs

Want a foolproof tech job? Easy. Get the skills you need to repair our Holey Tech Security Blanket. From chief information security officer (CISO) positions to entry-level security jobs that only require a CompTIA Security+ and a pulse, the jobs are there. In fact, according to the White House, there are 700,000 cybersecurity positions open today. It’s not a typo. That’s 700,000 open jobs.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, National Cyber ​​Director Chris Inglis convened a National Cybersecurity Workforce and Education Summit. The task for senior federal government officials, private sector executives and opinion leaders was to tackle this overwhelming problem.

When I say “overwhelming” that’s what I mean. According to Data USA’s tally, there were only 327,000 programmers in the United States in 2019. There’s no magic wand we can wave and suddenly have hundreds of thousands of new software-savvy workers. security in our offices.

Private public partnership

The Biden administration knows this. Thus, a federal multi-agency plan is put in place to create hundreds of registered apprenticeship programs. This is done in concert with private companies.

US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said this joint program with the Commerce Department would be launched “in as little as 48 hours.” By the end of a 120-day sprint, these cybersecurity learning programs should be in place.

To pay for that, the initiative is taking funds from a larger $500 million Commerce Department program, Good Jobs Challenge. It will focus on recruiting young people, women and minorities into cybersecurity.

120 day sprint

“The 120-day cybersecurity learning sprint,” Walsh said in a statement, “will increase awareness of current cybersecurity-related registered learning programs while engaging employers and industry associations to develop and promote recorded apprenticeships as a way to provide workers with high-quality, pay-as-you-learn training for high-paying jobs in cybersecurity.”

It’s not created from scratch. According to the Department of Commerce, “there are currently 714 registered apprenticeship programs and 42,260 apprentices in cybersecurity-related professions. Since January 20, 2021, 199 new programs have been created, an increase of 28% under the Biden-Harris administration. The 120-Day Cybersecurity Learning Sprint will build on this progress.

Assistance to individuals and businesses

On the private side, (ISC)², a nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals, has announced that it will help with its (ISC)² One Million Certified in Cybersecurity program. The company promises to give one million people its entry-level certification exam and training program for free.

Other companies, such as Cisco with its Cisco Networking Academy; Fortinet with its security awareness training; and Google, are also continuing their own security learning efforts.

Will it be enough? Honestly, I doubt it. The need is huge and the resources are not sufficient. Still, it’s much better than nothing. And I appreciate that instead of just directing people to courses and certificates, the program’s focus on apprenticeships will help ensure that our next generation of cybersecurity professionals will have hands-on experience.

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