US cargo and passenger airline employment remains 4.9% higher than in October 2019

Number of US airline employees (full-time and part-time employees)

Employment in the US airline industry (passenger and cargo airlines combined) increased to 782,752 workers in October 2022, 4,889 (0.63%) more workers than in September 2022 (777,863) and 36,206 (4.85%) more than in October 2019 before the pandemic (746,546) .

US scheduled passenger airlines employed 497,287 workers in October, or 64% of the industry total. Passenger airlines added 3,587 employees in October for an eighteenth consecutive month of job growth since May 2021. United led scheduled passenger carriers, adding 1,472 employees; Southwest Airlines added 1,107; and Delta added 488.

U.S. cargo airlines employed 280,773 workers in October, or 36% of the industry total. Freight carriers gained 1,305 employees in October. FedEx, the largest air cargo employer, increased employment by 1,062 jobs

U.S. airline full-time equivalents (FTEs)

BTS calculates FTEs by dividing the number of part-time employees by 2 and adding that figure to the number of full-time employees. Industry-wide October figures include 670,696 full-time workers and 112,056 part-time workers for a total of 726,724

FTE, an increase from September of 4,162 FTE (0.57%). Total October FTEs remain just 5.66% higher than the pre-pandemic 687,826 FTEs of October 2019.

The 25 U.S. scheduled passenger airlines reporting data for October 2022 employed 470,428 FTEs, up 3,398 FTEs (0.73%) from September 2022. passenger flights in October is 18,076 FTE (4.00%) compared to October 2019 before the pandemic. by category of passenger carrier can be found in the attached tables.

US cargo airlines employed 251,714 FTEs in October, up 656 FTEs (0.26%) from September. US cargo airlines have increased their FTEs by 20,456 (8.85%) since October 2019 before the pandemic.

Report Notes

Data is compiled from monthly reports filed with BTS by commercial air carriers as of December 5, 2022. Additional information at and earlier versions can be found on the BTS website. BTS.

Passenger, cargo and charter airlines that operate at least one aircraft with more than 60 seats or the capacity to carry a payload of passengers, cargo and fuel weighing more than 18,000 pounds must report monthly statistics on employment. Regulations require US airlines to report employment figures for employees who worked or received pay for any part of the pay period(s) ending closest to the 15th day of the month.

See the tables accompanying this release on the BTS website for detailed data since 2015 (Tables 1-15) and industry summary monthly data since 1990. Other individual airline numbers are available on the page BTS Airline Jobs Web. The webpage provides full-time and part-time employment figures by carrier by month from 1990 to October 2022.

Missing carriers: 2HQ (Elite), 34Q (Polaris Aviation Solutions), AMQ (Ameristar), WL (World Atlantic dba Caribbean Sun) and XP (Avelo).

ExpressJet (EV) is in Chapter 11 and ceased operations on August 22. EV filed a P-1(a) report on 9/28/22 for August activity. There are no operations to report for September and beyond.

The next U.S. airline employment update is scheduled for January 9, 2023.

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