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UPDATE: Renew Energy to build facility in Enid | New

ENID, Okla. — Enid will increasingly become a fixture in the renewable energy industry following Renew Energy Maintenance’s announcement on Tuesday that it is building a facility to recondition wind turbine drive trains here.

The facility, which will be located at 201 S. Raleigh in the former Chesterfield Cylinder building, will bring up to 90 new jobs to Enid once it reaches full capacity.

The facility will service the wind turbines on site, instead of transporting the wind turbines to and from a facility. It will also hold the largest capacity in North America based on the size of turbines that will be serviced.

“We will try to keep everything in-house,” Renew Energy COO Travis Harkins said in a press release. “The only thing I would say would be off-site is round-trip transportation, and that will be through Global Specialized Services, our sister company. They will provide the transportation to us, and then our other partner site, Transportation Partners and Logistics, will provide the logistics and material handling.

Enid’s location as a hub for renewable energy, particularly wind power, provides a strategic advantage with the workover facility in the same area. As a central location close to wind projects and wind farms, having the facility in Enid will allow the facility to serve multiple asset owners, the statement said.

“Enid is very well located because we have the largest population center, which means the largest labor center, in this wind power corridor,” said Lisa Powell, executive director of Enid Regional. Development Alliance,” and with our highway transportation network, we just have a lot of the components they’ll need to be successful here.

The size of the establishment is also considered an advantage. Renew’s refurbishment facility in Sioux Falls, SD, holds a capacity of three megawatts, while Enid’s capacity will more than double to seven megawatts.

Construction and renovation of the current building will take place immediately to meet the needs of the facility. Powell said the company needed to order large equipment, which she said could take up to a year to arrive. The opening of the facility depends on when this equipment is on site.

When the facility is at full capacity, it is estimated that more than 90 jobs of multiple experience levels will be added to Enid’s economy.

“We’re going to have jobs ranging from entry-level positions to engineering and management,” Harkins said in the release. “Obviously, with engineering and management, these are trades that require a certain education, but there is also the technical side. There will be several skilled labor positions that are not only based on experience but also on trade schools.

Harkins said that in addition to additional jobs, it also expands the renewable energy sector in what is seen as a wave of the future.

“It’s a new sector as far as the energy market is concerned right now as well,” Harkins said in the statement. “Instead of being in oil and gas, it brings renewable energy. And renewables are going to be around for a while; it is the fastest growing energy industry today.

Enid was competing for other locations for the site of the workover facility. As the region is already a renewable energy hub, it could create more opportunities for similar facilities in the future.

“We’re really pleased they chose Enid,” Powell said. “This should create a ripple effect, in my view, for additional locations for other manufacturing facilities to support the renewable energy industry.”

With the addition of what should be well-paying jobs brought to the city, Powell said it has an effect on the whole community and the economy as a whole. She also said these are the types of jobs that are great for growing the economy.

“Manufacturing jobs, especially manufacturers who export their products outside of the community or state, are the type of business that helps generate wealth in the community,” Powell said. “Because they sell their products out of state and that money comes into our community as new money for the area. That’s why, at a high macro level, manufacturers are the perfect way to grow the economy. »

The Enid City Commission created a tax increase funding district as an incentive to bring Renew here. Under the agreement, the company would receive a rebate of approximately $500,000, using 65% of the revenue generated by the TIF, to cover the state inventory tax.

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