Upcoming Raises for UPMC Jameson, UPMC Horizon Entry Jobs | Local News

Entry salaries at UPMC Jameson and UPMC Horizon will be increased.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Piccione, president of UPMC Jameson and UPMC Horizon, gave details at the Jameson annual meeting on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, UPMC announced it would raise the minimum starting wage for entry-level jobs to $18 an hour by Jan. 25 at its “Hospitals in Pittsburgh, Hospitals in the Harrisburg and Williamsport area, outpatient clinics, outpatient centers and other facilities and sites,” the nonprofit health care provider said in a press release.

Other locations, which include Jameson and Horizon’s hospital systems in Farrell and Greenville, will hit that mark by January 2026, Piccione said.

“We want to be where people want to work,” she said.

And she added that UPMC is constantly monitoring wages.

“We ask: Are we competitive in the market? “said Piccione.

Piccione said the new starting salaries would depend on the job and did not immediately have specific numbers on the number of employees. But the wage hike will increase Jameson and Horizon’s combined payroll by $1.5 million.

Jameson is Lawrence County’s largest employer and Horizon is Mercer County’s sixth largest employer as of the second quarter of 2022, the state Department of Labor and Industry website said.

Other companies take a similar view on salaries. On Tuesday, Walmart announced it would raise its minimum wage from $12 to $14 an hour as it tries to retain workers in a tight labor pool.

Speaking of Jameson’s year, Piccione said a major upgrade was adding robotic surgery to its lineup, especially for women. Jameson has seen a 70% increase in outpatient gynecological surgeries.

Robots give surgeons extreme precision that creates far less damaged tissue compared to traditional surgery. As a result, patients recover faster.

“You can go home the same day,” she said of the hysterectomy surgery.

This is part of a three-pronged Jameson action plan to:

•Increase access to care.

•Create more procedures allowing patients to go home the same day.

• Boost telehealth services.

“We are looking to integrate telehealth to help people access care when needed,” Piccione said.

By giving patients faster access to a medical condition, it reduces scary trips to the emergency room, she added.

The UPMC Jameson School of Nursing has kicked into high gear, Piccione said, with 66 students expected to graduate this year and another 95 the following year. Jameson is also working with Westminster College to earn a registered nursing degree.

Jameson has also added primary care physicians to its lineup, she said, as well as specialists, such as a cardiologist.

“We haven’t finished,” Piccione said. “We want to fuel our pipeline, especially for specialty services.”

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