University investment of £19m in cybersecurity to create jobs and boost the economy

An aerial view of Lancaster University's South Campus in Bailrigg

An aerial view of Lancaster University’s South Campus in Bailrigg

Lancaster University has revealed a “once in a generation” investment in cybersecurity and protection science.

The multi-million pound investment in data and cybersecurity research, education and innovation will support the government’s National Cyber ​​Force.

The £19million Safety and Security Science program at Lancaster will generate a total of 58 new jobs through the development of the North West Cyber ​​Corridor.

The National Cyber ​​Force, headquartered in Samlesbury, is expected to provide a £5billion boost to the region’s economy.

Announcing the flagship programme, Vice-Chancellor Andy Schofield said: “In the world we live in today, the threat of cyberattacks is ever-present and can affect all of us in our work and family activities.

“Lancaster’s approach to cybersecurity considers these challenges in a holistic way that goes beyond creating technology solutions.

“By bringing together experts from various academic disciplines, the university examines the sociological, psychological, economic, political and technological aspects of cybersecurity.

“This approach offers more robust solutions to the threats the UK faces in the 21st century.

“This is not only evident in our research and teaching, but also in our engagement with key stakeholders in this field in the public, private and third sectors, who have genuine confidence in our position.”

Lancaster is one of the few universities in the UK whose teaching, research and training is recognized by the National Cyber ​​Security Centre.

To support the region’s broader cybersecurity infrastructure, the university launched a part-time Cybersecurity Executive MBA this year, in partnership with market-leading cybersecurity consultancy Templar Executives, to help leaders company to make decisions about threats.

Additionally, for the 2022-2023 academic year, Lancaster is also launching three new undergraduate degrees specifically focused on cybersecurity.

Thus, the investment will provide the state-of-the-art facilities and technology where leading academics can work on data and cybersecurity related projects and empower the next generation behind cybersecurity.

The project will see a substantial investment in the regeneration of the south end of the Bailrigg campus in Lancaster to create a state-of-the-art cyber data district, which will generate exciting new partnership opportunities with the university.

It will also offer a business colocation space where partners can be part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaborative scientific community in security and protection.

Mr Schofield added: “Safety and Protection Science at Lancaster will further build on this strength and demonstrates how committed we are to working with partners to create a vibrant, forward-thinking research community, all of which striving to protect our way of life.”

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