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United go ahead with construction project | News, Sports, Jobs

Morning Journal/Liz Lehman Mark’s Landing was honored by members of the United Local Chapter Board of Directors for its years of contribution to the district. Pictured L-R: Wendy Doyle, Denise Rhodes, Ruth Ann Rinto, Heather Mercer, Bobbi Ieropoli, Angela Benner and Jason Medure.

HANOVERTON – United Local is gearing up to wrap up the school year and looking forward to what’s next. Superintendent Lance Hostetler told the regular district board meeting Wednesday that after some delays, the new school construction project is expected to move into the next stages soon. He said there are three parts in the design phase.

“We finished the first part about eight or nine weeks ago,” said Hostetler. “He has been on hold with the OFCC. We received some promising news this week that it looks like we will be moving forward with the process soon.

Two guests from the community were present at the meeting and they were honored by the council. Board member Heather Mercer said a few months ago the Ohio School Boards Association called for applications from local businesses that contribute to school systems. “The first company that came to mind at that time was Mark’s Landing, because for as long as I can remember you have supported the children of United in so many different ways, from our programs for young people, on our pandemic return home, team dinners, helping out personally with concession stands, things like that.

Mercer presented the award to Bobbi Ieropoli and her daughter, former United student Angela Benner, owners of Mark’s Landing. “We want to present you with this certificate as a thank you and to let you know that we so appreciate the things you have done and continue to do,” Mercer said. Ieropoli said the restaurant will celebrate 34 years in business on July 1 and that contributing to the neighborhood that has been part of her family’s life for years is extremely important to her. “It’s time to give back” she says.

Board member Ruth Ann Rinto briefed the board members of the United Community Scholarship Foundation, which is part of the honors program. “Last week we gave out $26,500 in scholarships,” Rinto said. “She said she had a particularly delightful story to share.”We have several top ten students taking gap years,” she says. “There is a scholarship which is offered by a person who has graduated from United and wishes to remain anonymous. It is always awarded to the tenth ranked student. I called the foundation she works with and said the student was not going to college for a year and was taking a year off. This person said that I will give them the money anyway. They need support in everything they do, which I think is great.

In other business, the board approved the following donations:

— Williams Co/Lenny VonFeldt donated a Cannon C5240 Image Runner Advance photocopier to the nurse’s office, valued at approximately $5,000

— Power Puff Volleyball donated $84 to the backpack program as well as $221 to the student council

— An anonymous donor gave $182 to the Junior Class of 2023

– A softball fundraiser donated $675 to the sophomore class of 2024

— Turning Point Residential Inc. donated $4,000 to the Boys Soccer Fundraising Account

In terms of personnel, the Board approved:

— Non-renewal of additional contracts qualifying for the 2021-2022 school year, including Deputy Athletic Director, Ruri-teen Club Advisor, Student Council Advisor, Junior Class Advisor, Junior Class Advisor, Freshman, Sophomore Class Counselor, Senior Class Counselor, Key Club Counselor, Majorette/Flag Counselor, High School Art Instructor, Yearbook Counselor, Community Education Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, National Honor Society Advisor and Assistant Game Director

— Employment of Mike Ward as a retiree/re-hire on a one-year fixed-term contract, part-time, at step 0, Masters +15 on the board-approved certified salary scale for the 2022 school year -2023

— Employment of Peggy Mix as a bus driver as retired/re-hired on a one year fixed term contract at step 0 on the board certified salary scale for the 2022-2023 school year

In terms of certified staff members, the board approved the awarding of contracts to certified staff members for the 2022-2023 school:

— For high school: Lori Conser (two years), Matthew Fowler (two years), Erica Noel (one year) and Rebecca Zeisler (one year)

— For middle school: Jennifer Russo (one year), Jason Thompson (two years), Jordan Wrask (one year), Alexandra Thomas (two years)

— For primary: Katie Bibri (continuing), Kelsey Brown (continuing), Brittany Grimm (two years), Emily Leitza (two years), Marina Moffett (one year), Kimberly Salmen (two years), Karesia Sisco (two years ), Karrie Varagliotti (two years) and Lydia Wilmoth (continuing)

In closed staff matters for the 2022-2023 school year, the board approved:

— S. Louann Cope (two years), Byron Hartsough (two years), Lyne Mercer (two years), Vinton Milbank (two years), Amanda Wilson (two years) and Danielle Satterfield (two years)

The board also voted to grant a certified extension to certified staff members who work days beyond the regular school year for the 2022-23 school year, including: Dennis Klaustermeyer, computer technician, 46 days; Tyler Gentry, professional agriculture, 20 days; Erica Noel, high school counselor, 20 days; Lorraine Raymond, junior high school counsellor, 18 days; Kristine Urmson, professional home economics, nine days; Krista Fitch, technology coordinator, nine days; Denise Ward, high school librarian, five days; Samantha Muniz, elementary school counselor, 12 days and Susan Laughlin, nurse, five days

In the 2021-2022 supplemental contracts, the board awarded them to: Sonya Minard, Assistant Music Director, Step 23; Jason Minard, Percussion Band and Nicole Price, Majorette/Flag Advisor, Stage 4

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