Uber advertises cybersecurity jobs after being hacked

Uber encountered a cyberattack from a hacking group identified as Lapsus$ last week. This forced the company to temporarily shut down some internal systems.

Uber posts security department jobs after being hacked

Now, after being hacked, Uber Technologies inc. posted a few vacancies in the security department four days ago. LinkedIn users suggested the job postings were the result of the hack.

posts on uber linkedin

Many people made jokes at Uber’s expense on LinkedIn. β€œThere is a famous saying that an organization’s budget for cybersecurity only increases after an incident. Uber just proved it!” joked LinkedIn user Indrajeet Bhuyan.

Many more comments started pouring in stating that the security budget only increases when a security incident occurs. “It’s painfully true. Budget and executive attention become readily available after a breach, or as some of us in the industry call it ‘post-boom’. Why do so many people refuse yet to answer the call for proactive defense and early investment in cyber?” commented one LinkedIn user. Another user pointed out, “Since LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to post to multiple sites, they have posted to multiple sites separately so you can attract talent from any city. This is very common practice. I don’t don’t think they have that many open positions.”

18-year-old hacked Uber last week

According Reutersan 18-year-old was the hacker who broke into Uber’s internal systems, reaching the company’s tools, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and employees thought someone was playing a prank.

The hacker let employees know the systems had been hacked by posting to the company’s internal Slack communications system. Uber said all of our services, including Uber, Uber Eats, Uber Freight, and the Uber Driver app, are up and running. The teenage hacker listed confidential company information and posted a hashtag stating that Uber is “underpaying its drivers” on internal communications platform Slack.

“Hi @here,” the hacker’s post began. “I am announcing that I am a hacker and that uber has suffered a data breach.”

“The attacker accessed multiple internal systems, and our investigation has focused on determining the material impact,” Uber said, adding that the investigation is still ongoing.

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