Triangle Business Leader elected to promote engineering careers

RALEIGH, NC /ACCESSWIRE/March 22, 2023/ Long-needed federal investment to modernize the country’s infrastructure is expected to generate more than 82,000 new jobs in engineering, public works and design services through 2026. , there is a substantial gap between the supply and demand for engineers.

Gary Hartong, a professional engineer who runs a Raleigh-based company, was voted in by his peers to help bridge that gap for the future. As president of The Wooten CompanyHartong is also vice-president of the American Council of Engineering Societies (ACEC), which contributed to the successful passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. ACEC members recently elected him to the organization’s College of Fellows to promote engineering careers.

“I am grateful to my colleagues for this recognition and responsibility,” said Hartong, who earned an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in engineering from North Carolina State Department of Civil Engineering, Construction, and Environment. “I pledge my continued and unwavering commitment to elevating the reputation and appeal of our field and doing my part to inspire the next generation of innovators.”

The Wooten Company, Wednesday, March 22, 2023, Image from press release

Candidates for the College of Fellows are nominated by ACEC and its state member organizations based on demonstrated personal commitment, service, leadership, and enhancement of the public image of the engineering profession- advice. Each year, a limited number of engineers are elected nationally to the career advocacy body.

“I’ve known Gary Hartong since I moved to Raleigh and became AICC/NC CEO in 2013,” said Jim Smith. “It was a pleasure to work with Gary as a board member, officer and president of ACEC/NC. He has always been professional and dedicated to improving the business climate for engineering firms and creating value for our members. This has helped raise the perception of the engineering industry and positioned ACEC/NC as a thought leader in the public arena.”

Fellows are challenged to coordinate outreach that motivates and recruits future engineers. ACEC encourages its members to volunteer as spokespersons for the engineering profession at civic events, high schools, universities and other venues that would provide opportunities to persuade people to pursue occupation.

“Right now there is a shortage of engineers to fill all the vacancies in the industry and in the future we are going to need even more,” said Linda Bauer, President and CEO of ACEC. “I love showing students that a career in engineering is about more than designing buildings – it’s about having an impact on their community. Our careers are stable, well paid and allow engineers to live their values ​​through their work.”

According to CRCA Research Institutethe American engineering and architecture industry has a significant impact on the state of the economy:

  • $386 billion in industry sales: This includes sales to all end markets including construction, oil and gas, mining, utilities, manufacturing, government and exports.
  • $1.5 million in direct full-time and part-time annual employment: Combined with 3 million indirect jobs, this represents 3% of all jobs in the United States.
  • $44.7 billion in direct federal, state and local tax collections: Engineering and architectural services contribute more to total taxes per company and per employee than many other US industries.
  • $88,000 in average annual salary: This is well above the national average salary of $60,300.
  • $229 billion in direct economic impact (value added): This measure eliminates double counting and assesses the incremental contribution of engineering and architectural services to overall US GDP.

As a multidisciplinary firm, The Wooten company provides professional engineering and architectural services to public entities, educational institutions and private industry in the Southeast. Founded in 1936 and based in Raleigh, the company also has regional offices in Winston Salem, Wilmington, Greenville, HickoryAnd Colombia.

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