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Transforming Cybersecurity Scenario in India is a Priority: Rony Das

Bongaigaon contractor Rony Das hit the right notes as a security analyst. Das is now among the few top data security researchers in India who have been recognized by Google among others.

Coming from a modest background in Bongaigaon district, western Assam, Rony Das is a security researcher who runs his security startup called Axom Security, providing security as a service to its clients in addition to enable appropriate cybersecurity training.

A few months ago, Rony Das won a $5,000 bounty from Google for reporting a vulnerability in its Android platform. He reported the bug in Android Foreground Services which could be exploited by banking malware, among others, to hack user data. Working on the reported bug, the tech giant fixed the same issue, thereby protecting the sensitive data of millions of Android users.

“It wasn’t always like this. I come from a very humble family. My father, Rupan Das, runs a tailor shop in Bongaigaon and my mother, Rita Das, is a housewife. We have lived for more than 13 years in a one-room apartment. By the grace of God and the hours of work I put into it, all these situations have changed a lot. My parents did not know exactly what I was doing, until 2014, when I went to participate in an ethical hacking contest in Kolkata and came second for the very first time…things have changed since then…” Rony said, talking about his upbringing.

In 2015, while a student in Class XII at Bongaigaon Railway HS School, Rony used his phone to discover a serious security breach on the website run by Gauhati University. The university administration thanked Rony for his work. And there was no turning back since then.

The autodidact graduated from the science stream at Birjhora Mahavidyalaya College in Bongaigaon and continued his research on cybersecurity.

Rony’s cybersecurity bug reports have been acknowledged by the people and organizations he has reported, in addition to being well rated by the media.

Dreaming of strengthening the cybersecurity scenario in the country, Rony founded the company Axom Security. “I want (and surely will) contribute something to my country with the skills that I have learned and are acquiring (which is an ongoing process). And with that in my mind, I have created a company called Axom Security, a name that is guarded with love and defines where I come from, my homeland, Assam,” he said.

In addition to keeping businesses safe online, his startup is now working on finding zero-day vulnerabilities he says he needs funding for. “Apart from that, we also offer top quality cybersecurity training that prepares you for employment as a penetration tester. In addition, we provide an online security service for “high-level” people who need it, ”he added.

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