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With an uncertain economic landscape, inflation still going strong and fears of a recession, it’s no surprise that 31% of American workers are expressing concern that their employers may be considering budget cuts or layoffs, according to a December 14 Workforce Confidence Survey conducted by LinkedIn. . But against this backdrop, there are reasons for optimism, as some jobs are recession-proof, a study has found.

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“Overall, this year’s shocks will reopen economic wounds that were only partially healed after the pandemic. In short, the worst is yet to come, and for many people 2023 will look like a recession,” the International Monetary Fund noted in a recent report.

Yet all is not bleak and catastrophic for American workers. Although, as GOBankingRates previously reported, some jobs are particularly vulnerable to job cuts during a recession, there are also so-called “recession-proof” jobs that are likely to keep you working, regardless of the evolution of the economy. A Payscale report describes them as those where “employers are spending more to fill these roles due to labor shortages and increased competition.”

“The jobs on the list tell a story, with a mix of essential service and clerical jobs, where the ability to continue working remotely is also among the market drivers,” according to the report.

Payscale has compiled a list of the most recession-proof jobs based on wage growth. Here are the top 10, along with the median annual salary reported by employees and expected job growth:

1. Waiter/Waitress

  • Median salary: $19,900
  • Salary growth: 30%

2. Private Banker

  • Median salary: $93,000
  • Salary growth: 25%

3. Media Director

  • Median salary: $108,000
  • Salary growth: 23%

4. Police, Fire or Ambulance Dispatcher

  • Median salary: $44,500
  • Salary growth: 19%

5. Sales Advisor

  • Median salary: $56,800
  • Salary growth: 18%

6. Microbiologist

  • Median salary: $59,900
  • Salary growth: 16%

7. Marketing and Business Development Director

  • Median salary: $119,000
  • Salary growth: 16%

8. Docker

  • Median salary: $41,100
  • Salary growth: 15%

9. Electrocardiogram Technician

  • Median salary: $40,400
  • Salary growth: 15%

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10. Installation technician

  • Median salary: $46,800
  • Salary growth: 15%

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