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ThriveDX Successfully Places Graduates of Israeli Ministry of Economy Supported Cybersecurity Impact Boot Camp |

Developed by veterans of Unit 8200, the elite cyber-intelligence unit of the Israel Defense Forces, the first cohort of graduates are fully trained for Israel’s prestigious cybersecurity industry

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thrive DX SaaS (formerly Cybint Solutions), today announced the graduation and subsequent placement of its first cohort of Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp graduates at Israel. This is the second time ThriveDX has worked with the Government of Israel to prepare interns for jobs in the country’s highly regarded cybersecurity industry.

“It is an honor to have been chosen to work with Israel’s government for a second time to offer the Cyber ​​Security Impact Boot Camp to learners across the country,” said David Chesterman, Head of Educational Partnerships, ThriveDX SaaS. “ThriveDX’s mission is to help people find and keep career-accelerating jobs, and we’re confident the 2022 cohort is poised to succeed in Israel’s highly respected cybersecurity industry. »

ThriveDX’s Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp was developed by veterans of the IDF’s elite Cyber ​​Intelligence Unit (Unit 8200) to create more accessible career opportunities in cybersecurity. The bootcamp successfully prepares people with little or no technology experience for entry-level cybersecurity jobs. Fully funded by the government, the Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp encourages underrepresented groups of people in technology, such as women, minorities, and students from the socio-geographical periphery, to apply.

“Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp not only prepares interns or helps the unemployed find work, but also opens up opportunities for underrepresented groups, through its unique training method,” said Dan Hakimi, Director of Solutions, ThriveDX SaaS. “This bootcamp gives businesses through Israel access to talent lacking in their workforce and provides candidates with a starting point for their new career. We couldn’t be more excited for the graduates and wish them the best of luck.”

“I’m so happy with my decision to enroll in bootcamp,” said Moshe Benyoung graduate.

“The bootcamp’s unique training method gave me self-study skills, hands-on experience of practicing cyber-cenarios in the bootcamp labs, as well as professional preparation for finding a job. In fact, one day after the end of the bootcamp, I signed a contract with a cyber company!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better route to landing my first job in cybersecurity.”

The ThriveDX SaaS team is made up of veterans of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) elite cyber intelligence units, recognized as world leaders in their field. The IDF’s elite units are known for their unique training methods, designed to implement cutting-edge practice in a short period of time. These unique training methods form the core of the ThriveDX SaaS training programs.

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