There’s a huge temporary growth in gig work to make ends meet – Mish Talk

Nearly half of millennials agree or somewhat agree with the statement “I regularly lack money and have to rely on credit cards or my family for financial support.

Please Consider the Generation Gap: Divided Job and Money Prospects

Changing jobs to increase pay or better work balance

  • The younger generations continue to drive the Great Resignation: A third of Millennials and 46% of Gen Z have changed employers since the start of the pandemic, a stark contrast to 29% of all workers.
  • Job Change for Paycheck Bump: Younger generations are more likely to say the best way to increase their earning potential is to change employers every few years, with 41% of Millennials and 44% of Gen Z workers expressing this belief , compared to 36% of all workers.
  • Younger generations are looking to employers for help: Nearly 6 in 10 Gen Z (58%) and Gen Y (57%) workers believe their employer has a responsibility to help them feel more financially empowered.
  • Strong flexibility against the dollar: Conversely, in the past year, 29% of millennials who changed jobs took on a salary to cutwith more than 1 in 4 millennials taking a pay cut saying they did so to achieve a better work/life balance.

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