The Welcome Week welcomes old and new students

With classes starting yesterday, it’s a new start for many students. The rush to design a new room and meet new people can be exciting, and Minnesota State University, Mankato kicked off the fun with exciting events. Welcome week activities included the gathering of new students, a hypnotist show and signature galactic bingo.

So what do new students think of all the commotion? MSU rookie Olivia Stark said, “I really liked bingo. Because I’m from a small town, it was really fun to have a ton of people in one room. It was so much fun.”

Stark also shared his first impression of life in the dorms.

“I live about two hours away so I thought I would be really homesick because I’m close to my family, but I feel really comfortable here. I really like the people of my floor,” Stark said. “They’re nice and relatable, because a lot of them I’ve met are freshmen, which is good.

Following the Welcome Week activities, the campus offers many ways for students to get involved and enjoy the new school year. The Involvement Fair will be held on Wednesday, August 31 for students to learn about clubs and organizations, search for part-time jobs, or find fun ways to volunteer.

In the meantime, there are plenty of things to explore on campus. New food options for CSU freshmen and alumni include Firehouse Subs, Hissho Sushi, Peking Plate, and Starbucks.

Some students also take advantage of their Community Assistant’s guided tours around the school. Stark has mentioned that she looks forward to classes in the Clinical Sciences building, as she likes the design of the building.

“My roommate and I went for walks and stuff. And then I went on tour with my CA. It was really good for her to show us around the campus,” Stark said.

Speaking of classes, Stark said, “I did PSEO in my hometown, so I knew how to work D2L, but just being in person made me a little nervous.”

She is also excited to look into education and women’s clubs and organizations on campus. Beyond exploration, Stark has unfolded.

“[I’ve been] drop by to say hello to people. I knocked on the doors of people on my floor just to say hello and go to events,” Stark said.

She is also excited to look into education and women’s clubs and organizations on campus.

Additionally, the CSU Art Gallery opens tomorrow, August 23, with a collection by Dana Sikkila, as well as the MavFest event. The event is organized by the Student Events Team to celebrate Maverick Pride.

Hopefully, with the multitude of events organized by the school, new students can meet friends and feel at home and see themselves as a true maverick.

Header photo: Welcome Week is in full swing, with hundreds of new students exploring the MSU campus and all the fun activities planned this week. (Akay Kasaudhan/The Reporter)

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