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The radio was instrumental in being raised on a farm

Agriculture and radio have always occupied a very important place in my life.

They seem to go well together. In fact, I’ve had a career in both. As a young boy growing up on this farm in McLean County, I played the radio in a small shed, also nicknamed our “playhouse.” The broadcasts reached Dad in the shed and Mum in the house through small intercoms or baby monitors.

I even automated my own radio programming by buying these 120 minute tapes with time sides to constantly loop music and commercials on the tape player. The compact discs were sorted daily, so I knew which songs to listen to, and the tape labels were always handy for correctly naming each blank cassette.

Mom read the news for me while I hosted the morning show, and my brother Curt even got involved with my so-called farm radio station by taping a few commercials. I spent many summers in this little improvised radio studio, which brought me to where I am today.

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