The Pros and Cons of Potential Anzu Partners

Netflix’s new shonen romantic comedy, romantic killer, features an entertaining main character, hilarious relationships, and heartfelt moments. Anzu Hoshino is a high school student who is only interested in video games, chocolate and her cat. Anzu’s life is suddenly changed when a wizard named Riri confiscates her three greatest desires until she finds love. Refusing to back down, Anzu does everything she can to avoid a romantic relationship.

Throughout the series, Anzu is introduced to three potential candidates. Tsukasa, Junta and Higiri; who all have very different personalities, but all possess qualities that would make them perfect for Anzu.

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Tsukasa Kazuki

Romantic Killer Anzu on Kazuki

Known for his good looks and cold exterior, Tsukasa was the first candidate presented to Anzu. He comes across as aloof, and his tsundere personality is easily mistaken for rudeness or brutality. Even though he doesn’t show it, Tsukasa truly cares about his friends and tries his best to help others. He comes to Anzu’s house to kill a cockroach for her and pushes himself out of his comfort zone to go to public places with the group, such as the festival. Anzu also stated that he was an excellent cook.

Due to her troubling past, Tsukasa remains closed and does not open up to others. In middle school, his sister Arisa described him as a cheerful and kind person who could befriend anyone. Being with Tsukasa would take time and patience, but he’s a genuine person who wants the best for his friends.

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Junta Hayami

romantic killer painting

Junta was Anzu’s childhood friend with whom she played Cat Ranger. Since elementary school, Junta’s appearance has changed so drastically that Anzu didn’t recognize him at first. Junta is a sincere person who gets along well with others. He worked hard to improve himself and become the type of guy Anzu would want as a boyfriend. He chose baseball because Anzu thought he would be good at the sport and strived to be the “athletic guy who could beat the boss” she wanted.

Sometimes Junta can be a little loose. He is terrified of cockroaches, much like Anzu, leaving Tsukasa to deal with the problem. Junta also has a habit of doubting himself when comparing himself to other guys that Anzu could potentially like. Nevertheless, he protects his friends and will rush to their aid when needed.

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Hijiri Kogané

hijiri romantic killer

The last candidate Anzu meets is rich boy Hijiri Kogane. Hijiri embodies the bishounen archetype, similar to Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club. He is disconnected from ordinary people’s lives and has trouble understanding social cues. Hijiri can be arrogant, having a high opinion of himself, so he’s surprised when Anzu isn’t swayed by his money or social status.

Even though Anzu considers Hijiri obnoxious, he is a hard worker. He gets a part-time job to have his own money to spend on Anzu. He also worries for his well-being when Tsukasa’s stalker attacks him. By attending a public school, Hijii slowly learns to fend for herself and not just rely on her family’s money to get her way out of trouble.

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Riri, the troublesome wizard

romantic killer riri:rio

Anzu claimed that there is less than a one percent chance that she will fall in love with Riri, but she still cares about the wizard. Riri drives Anzu crazy, but ultimately wants her to be happy. The ploy to set her up and find love was also Riri’s way of making sure that Anzu wouldn’t be alone forever.

Riri does not understand human relations, but makes an effort to learn. They can meddle in Anzu’s life, but they’re willing to break the rules of the wizarding world to protect her. Riri erases Yukana’s memory and manipulates Anzu’s phone to send emergency text messages to her friends. Even though Riri doesn’t fully understand how relationships work, they show through their actions how much they care about Anzu’s happiness.

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