The numbers on the panel examining the mass shooting of Va. Beach decrease

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Several members of a state commission tasked with conducting an independent investigation into a 2019 mass shooting in Virginia Beach, Va., have resigned in recent months — raising doubts among some about whether the panel can do its job.

The Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Commission started with 21 members, but 10 members have quit, according to a spokesperson for the state office that oversees the panel.

Some current and former members expressed frustration with the way the investigation into the shooting was conducted, suggesting efforts may be intentionally hampered to protect the city, The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk reported.

“We lost 10 people; I’m pretty upset about it,” current member David Cariens said, telling the newspaper that most have left in the past six months.

“I think there are people in the commission who don’t want to be aggressive in the investigation,” Cariens added. “The net result of their lack of enthusiasm to investigate is that it protects the city.”

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