The National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation and the SANS Institute are partnering to reward the outstanding achievements of over 400 students with an Alan Paller Honors Scholarship for 2022

To address the massive shortage of cybersecurity professionals, CyberStart America and Cyber ​​FastTrack are offering a free and fun game to inspire high school students to discover their talent and get into the field. Registration is open now!

BETHESDA, MD., December 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide increased by 350% between 2013 and 2021, from 1 million to 3.5 million, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, with more than 700,000 vacancies in United States only. As cyber threats only increase, the National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation (NCSF) and the SANS Institute have prioritized their efforts to continue to raise cybersecurity awareness among young adults in order to bridge the talent gap and to inspire the next generation of cyber professionals.

National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation and SANS Institute reward outstanding students with the Alan Paller Honors Scholarship

The NCSF announced the full list of over 400 outstanding students as National Cyber ​​Scholars with Honors for 2022 on the first anniversary of Alan Lee’s passing. November 9, 2022. Each received a $500 scholarship to continue their training towards future studies in cybersecurity. The Alan Paller Honors Scholarship honors NCSF Founder and Chairman of the Board, Alain Pallerdied in November 2021 having dedicated his life to identifying cyber talent and expanding diversity and opportunity in the tech industry.

Fifty thousand students at 4,000 schools and 900 colleges have registered to participate in the CyberStart America and Cyber ​​FastTrack programs since they were launched by NCSF in 2021. These programs aim to identify and develop a new generation of cybersecurity professionals and address the critical skills gap in United States.

Of these fifty thousand students, 1,500 were identified as having great potential to succeed in the industry, as evidenced by their progress in CyberStart. This fun EdTech platform brings cybersecurity to life through fun, real-life challenges and puzzles.

More $4.5 million training grants have been awarded to this group, funding access to the SANS Foundations course. This course is considered the best single course available to acquire the basic knowledge and develop the practical IT, technology and security skills necessary to start a career in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity continues to be a critical issue facing this country. With jobs available in nearly every industry, students can quickly find meaningful careers protecting personal data and the operations of organizations such as hospitals, schools, businesses, and government agencies, including military and intelligence agencies who need these critical skills to help shape the future of cyber conflict and defense.

Join CyberStart today and help build a safer tomorrow.

James Lynefounder of CyberStart and chief technology officer at the SANS Institute, said:

“These students have demonstrated true excellence in their cybersecurity learning journey. Cybersecurity is a fascinating and challenging field, but not everyone has the tenacity and analytical capacity to be exceptional. These students have demonstrated that they have what it takes and that with continued study they have a place in this industry.They should all be incredibly proud of this achievement.

Emma, ​​recipient of the Alan Paller Honors Scholarship from Ohiosaid:

“I am beyond honored to have received this scholarship! CyberStart America and NCSF have done amazing things for me, and I don’t know where I would be without the training and certification I got through the programs. With the GFACT certification, I was able to land my first full-time position as a cybersecurity analyst, and I know for a fact that it would not have been possible without this program. You have given so many others people and to me a gift that is greater than any of us know.”

Brian Hendricksonexecutive director of the National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation, said:

“Alan was a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry and started the NCSF to identify and empower the next generation of cybersecurity talent. to achieve Honors Scholar status was Alan. We know he would be delighted to see these students receive this award on his behalf.”

The National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation’s commitment to its three core values ​​– identifying abilities, developing potential and fostering excellence – has been reinforced by an increase in the total number of scholarships planned for the 2022-23 program cycle currently open. Full information on available rewards and how to qualify can be found here.

High school and college students are encouraged to enroll in CyberStart America and Cyber ​​FastTrack before the end of this cycle. April 4, 2023for a chance to win one of these prizes.


The National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation created to help the United States address its critical cybersecurity skills gap. The only known defense against sophisticated cyberattacks are cybersecurity professionals with extraordinary talent and advanced training that enables them to defend systems in real time against determined adversaries. Other countries have a massive head start in developing people with these skills. The National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation has created a comprehensive set of programs to create a more assured pipeline for building the next generation of cyber talent. Learn more about the National Cyber ​​Scholarship Foundation.


CyberStart America provides free access to an online game that provides a fun and accessible gateway for high school students to explore their cybersecurity skills and learn more about the cybersecurity industry and careers. Highest rated eligible players will be invited to apply for cyber training scholarships worth $3000. Learn more about CyberStart America.


Cyber ​​FastTrack simplifies and accelerates the path to a cybersecurity career for students of all experience levels. It offers fun, hands-on, real-life training that could lead to e-learning scholarships worth $3000. Learn more about Cyber ​​FastTrack.


CyberStart provides students with engaging cybersecurity education through hands-on, fun learning. Students take on the role of a cyber protection officer and embark on an adventure of fighting digital crime through engaging scenarios. By solving over 200 fun cybersecurity puzzles, they develop skills in areas such as social engineering, steganography and network forensics. Learn more about CyberStart.


The SANS Foundations course offers a comprehensive variety of innovative hands-on labs and hands-on exercises that develop hands-on skills in computing, technology, and security fundamentals. These labs are developed by subject matter experts, drawing on the latest cybersecurity technologies, techniques and concepts. Learn more about SANS foundations.



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