The local labor market is holding up, favorable for 2023

With a nationwide labor shortage and seemingly every business posting ads for help, how does the county of Guernsey and the businesses serving this community compare?

The unemployment rate in October 2021 was 4.4% in Guernsey County. This year, October data shows an unemployment rate of 4.5%. This number shows a slight increase from September, when it was 4.1%. At this time of year, a jump like this is normal considering seasonal employment and layoffs, officials said. Construction workers and highway workers account for some of this increase, as companies typically wait until spring to resume these positions and projects.

“We don’t usually see the ups and downs of layoffs and hiring that other communities may be experiencing. The last major layoff in Guernsey County was around 2010,” according to Sue Sikora of Guernsey County Job. and Family Services (JFS). She attributes this to many factors, including Guernsey County’s prime location between two major highways, a strong commodity-based manufacturing industry, a strong healthcare base and a growing hospitality industry.

Sue Sikora

While the actual unemployment rate of 4.5% is what’s being reported, Sikora said it’s important to note that the figure can be misleading. The rate only counts active job seekers and not those who have left the labor market for various reasons.

“In the county of Guernsey, we estimate that we have 17,700 people who we would consider eligible to work out of a population of around 39,000. Of these 17,700 people, 16,900 are actually working. When you think of around 800 unemployed, it’s not bad,” Sikora said. . Persons who are not eligible for unemployment are not counted in the estimated number of eligible workers.

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