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The highest paying tech skills in South Africa

Johannesburg – The South African branch of recruitment group Michael Page released its Salary Guide and Hiring Insights report for 2022 in early February, and it was followed by the 2022 South Africa report from technology recruitment platform OfferZen.

Reports show that salaries for technology developers have increased by an average of 7.4% since 2019, although in reality, this increase is only for those with more than four years of experience. On the other hand, the general demand for developers of all experience levels has increased, especially in the fields of cloud computing and data analysis.

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FinTech and Cloud Technology continue to be the highest paying industries for South African developers. The ubiquity of cloud technology and the increased need for digital business means that these areas are unlikely to be quickly taken out of their top spots. That said, e-commerce and telecommunications saw the strongest salary growth, with e-commerce salaries on average highest for entry-level positions.

Although wages between industries differ significantly on average, it’s often more useful for you to look at the differences in pay based on the type of work you’ll be doing. Developer roles are usually roughly sorted into back-end (behind the scenes), front-end (what the client interacts with), and full stack (everything). Back-end developers earn the highest average salaries, followed by full stack and front-end. These differences are minimal for entry-level positions, but widen with level of experience.

Average entry-level salaries range from R17,000 for initial work and R21,000 for secondary work, increasing to R26,000 and R32,000, respectively, with 2 to 4 years of experience. It is important to note that these are industry-wide averages and the bottom quartile of entry-level positions are between R10,000 and R13,000.

Showing that it always pays off to invest in niche skills, Go, Kotlin, and Ruby have become the highest paid programming languages ​​at all experience levels (although Kotlin lags behind in entry-level positions). input).

There appear to be few significant differences in average salary between the rest of the regular gamers when comparing purely by language, with the likes of Java, Python and C# coming out roughly equal across experience levels .

Interestingly, Capetonian developers have earned more in lower experience level positions over the past three years, compared to Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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