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The Flight Attendant Season 2’s Surprising Direction For Cassie

“My initial inspiration to have just two Cassies came from analyzing the first season and what made it work, and looking at Hitchcock’s premises and look-alike ideas,” says Chaidez. “So one, it was aesthetic. And then second, it was thematic in thinking the moment you admit you have a substance abuse problem or a dark side that you’re dealing with, you have that other double, that dark self. And what do you do with that other part of you?”

Adds Yockey, “We landed on self-acceptance as the dominant theme, and doubles as a metaphor.”

Dreaming of Cassie’s sober new reality, Chaidez says, “Steve and I talked a lot about what she would have to face in terms of family on her recovery journey, and fixing things with her mother and making amends. . This relationship was something we really wanted to manage.

Around the same time, they were plotting Cassie’s healing, as if she were destined, The stewardess the team learned through Sharon Stone‘s Agents that the Oscar-nominated actor was a fan of the HBO Max series. So much so, it turned out, that when The stewardessStone’s casting team asked Stone to play Cassie’s mother, Lisa, in season two, she said yes.

“[Stone]is active in the recovery community, has lots of friends and family [in the community], and has been on this trip with people before,” Chaidez says. “And I think that’s what attracted her as a fan.”

Along with finding her mother and trying to resolve these issues, Cassie also works for the CIA part-time. If you saw That of the air hostess first season, and even remember some of the terrible decisions Cassie made, that choice might raise some eyebrows at CIA standards. But the show’s showrunners are well aware that Cassie’s involvement with the CIA (as well as the surreal interactions between different versions of herself) requires some suspension of disbelief.

“I think the reason we can get away with the surreal stuff and the spy aspects of the show is because for our three main characters – Cassie, Annie (Zosie Mamet) and Megane (Rosie Perez) – their journeys through the seasons are incredibly emotionally grounded,” says Jockey. “So each of their struggles is a personal matter, not just, ‘I have to get away from the North Koreans.’ They’re dealing with much bigger things emotionally, and I think as long as we keep them grounded, it kind of gives us permission to go further.

That being said, Warner Bros. did providing the show with a national security and CIA expert to check scripts for protocol details, like how agents greet each other. But the agent also offered Yockey his shocking general comments about The stewardess from the perspective of an intelligence professional.

“Basically he was like, ‘This looks like what we hope the modern CIA can be,'” Yockey says, still bewildered. “I was like, ‘You mean crazy?’ And he was like, ‘No, not what you do on the show.’ But Shane represents a new version of a CIA officer we’ve never seen on TV before.

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