The 15 most in-demand jobs companies in Europe are still hiring for right now

Hiring has started to slow in Europe, making it harder for some who hope to swap their current job for a new one this year to find a suitable position.

The labor market had recently been quite good for workers, with many job openings and little competition. But as the economic situation in Europe remains uncertain amid the war in Ukraine and the current cost of living and energy crisis, many companies have been forced to freeze hiring.

This is bad news for the 57% of professionals in Europe who plan to change jobs in 2023, according to new research from LinkedIn, the online professional networking platform.

Still, there are bright spots in the job market where new job opportunities have opened up in recent years, as his latest “Jobs on the Rise” list shows.

Looking at millions of jobs created by LinkedIn members from January 1, 2018 to July 31, 2022, LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers have compiled a list of the 15 fastest growing jobs in Europe that show increasing opportunities in sustainability, cybersecurity and business development roles.

“LinkedIn data shows that despite economic uncertainty, candidates with the right skills have job opportunities. Employers across Europe are recruiting people to help solve the big problems facing businesses,” said Josh Graff, Managing Director, EMEA and LATAM, at LinkedIn.

“In 2023, that means climate change and cybersecurity. Sales professionals are also in high demand as companies grapple with the need to generate growth in a challenging macro environment.”

The fastest growing jobs, from sustainability to business development

With companies under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions to tackle the climate crisis, it’s no surprise that one of the most sought-after jobs by companies this year is that of sustainability manager.

Sustainability positions appear on LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Rise” listings in 13 countries around the world, including France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and the UK. United.

The sustainability manager role – covered by the person responsible for analyzing and forecasting the present and future environmental impact of the business they represent – ​​was the second fastest growing role in the Kingdom United and the fourth in Germany.

In France, the top four spots on the list were all taken up by jobs in the sales industry, ranging from Growth Marketing Manager (#1 fastest growing job), Sales Development Representative (#2), Customer Success Manager (#3) and Corporate Account Manager (#4).

The fifth fastest growing job in France was as an energy broker – someone who helps companies make decisions on energy suppliers, comparing commercial gas and electricity offers.

In Germany, the same jobs were redistributed in a similar-looking list, topped by jobs in sales and brand management: first place was taken by the role of sales development representative, followed by the Head of Growth and Head of Employer Brand.

In the UK, the fastest growing position is Customer Success Consultant, followed by Sustainability Manager, Product Operations Manager, Sales Development Representative and Chief Growth Officer.

Labor market still tight

LinkedIn data also shows that the European labor market remains relatively tight and job seekers do not face fierce competition for positions.

For example, there is approximately one vacancy for every person applying in Germany, while in France and the UK there are two applicants for every vacancy.

Workers are primarily concerned about the cost-of-living crisis, and higher pay is their biggest motivation to seek a new position, but greater flexibility and career development opportunities are also critical factors, said Graff.

“While the job market is no longer hot, companies still need to think carefully about how they attract applicants,” he said.

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