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TC Line calls for Sunday, May 29, 2022 – Longmont Times-Call

School meals

I wonder if the school meals mentioned in the newspaper are paid for by parents or are they free meals? It seems to me that if people don’t like school lunches, they could just cook their lunch and bring it from home. It’s what we always did when we were kids growing up.

It’s about protesters… who want healthier food at school. With everything going on in this troubled world, I think that might be a low priority. Maybe these young people can bring their own lunch to school and not have to worry about eating what the cafeteria offers. My kids did it and they never had a problem.

George Will

Referring to the call in the … TC Line on Thursday’s George Will column: First, the policy of allowing the TC Line to be used to comment on national columnists and not local columnists creates arbitrary rules of the game and uneven. But at least if there’s a comment left, it should have a bit more substance than the one in George Will’s column. To say that Mr. Will is crazy for opposing the government’s disinformation committee is interesting, because he showed many different examples of why it’s a bad idea. His underlying reason was that the government should not bless any message other than the one it sends. Anyone who thinks someone who would oppose the government disinformation committee (is crazy) would think George Orwell was crazy when he published the novel ‘1984’.

Crack sealing

I live on Amethyst Drive, and they just did some crack sealing, and I was wondering if the city had any oversight on this, because it doesn’t look any different than before and these cracks are always very deep. So, I don’t know what’s going on, but they sure don’t know how to break the seal.

toddler pools

Would it be possible to open the toddler pools without lifeguards, stating that no lifeguards are on duty, carers are responsible for keeping their children safe? Sort of like Itty Bitty City, where you are responsible for looking after your own children. There should be a paid maintenance worker and a supervisor, but that would eliminate the need for lifeguards. Also, in the future, Longmont may be able to invest in larger wading pools like Loveland.

Longmont jobs

I find it offensive that the town of Longmont is closing the pools for the summer because they don’t have employees. If they checked their job site, they would learn that for someone to get hired, their website is a nightmare to navigate. They need to renovate it, fix it, streamline it so people looking for work don’t have to spend three hours applying for a part-time job.

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