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Summer internship provides fun and growth | Columns

My normal summer consists of working part-time at my family’s convenience store, staying up late watching TV, and generally being a recluse. Fortunately, this summer was very different.

I attended local events, from the weekly Bayfront Beats concerts to my first baseball game in nearly a decade, and talked to people I normally wouldn’t have met.

This internship has enhanced my summer while giving me valuable experience in the field I dream of pursuing.

Although my dream job is to be a publisher, I’ve come to realize that the best publishers understand the time and effort put into writing. It’s easier to criticize and catch mistakes when you’ve worked on both sides.

While I was initially hesitant to write articles, I can look back fondly on my previous work and feel more confident as a writer with my articles sprinkled throughout the latest articles.

My favorite article so far is about a longtime artist who has been running her business for several years. I was expecting a simple, short story about the effects of the pandemic on his business and the support of his community.

The end result was my longest article to date that talked about his artistic inspirations from childhood experiences and beyond. I’ve heard the expression that everyone has an interesting story, but I didn’t really understand it until this internship.

Although my best work tends to be with feature articles, I am grateful to have experience writing summaries of city council meetings and highlights of events.

This position has taken me further outside of my comfort zone covering events, from taking me out of town for Seadrift’s annual Shrimpfest to Bayfront Beats summer concerts.

My schedule has become much busier and I feel more connected to my community through my work. I’ve heard compliments on my articles from clients at my other part-time job, and that only keeps me motivated.

I now know for sure that my ideal job involves writing and allows for community interaction. Along with writing and the social experience I gained through this internship, I returned to my old hobby, photography.

Taking photos of events and interviewees has helped me gain confidence in using my camera, which was previously only dedicated to photos of pets.

I am very happy to have had this opportunity to work with the Port Lavaca Wave and focus on my skills as a writer and amateur photographer during the summer.

I am extremely grateful to be working with them on a part-time basis, as this internship is officially over. This feels like the first step towards my career in writing and editing, and I want to thank everyone involved in creating this post.

Jamie Weaver is an editorial contributor for the Port Lavaca Wave. Contact her at

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