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Student Reveals How She Works 5 Jobs While Getting Her Masters: ‘Are You OK?’

It seems quite difficult to work a job while earning a master’s degree.

But for at least one student on TikTok, a job is like nothing.

In a now-viral post, a user named @bug318_ explained how she worked at five different jobs, while take graduate courses. The video instantly sparked a slew of questions from commenters, including “Are you okay?”

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The clip is just the latest in a series of popular posts, in which TikTokers have become deeply transparent about their college life.

In a video, a group of medical students revealed the amount of debt they were going to graduate with. In another, a Google employee shared how he recovered from a 1.2 GPA and finally landed his dream job.

@bug318_’s post shared another kind of information – insight into some students’ occupations.

“I actually have five jobs,” says the TikToker. “And I’m taking two master’s classes this summer.”

She then details each job, most of which are part-time roles. In addition to her classes, @bug318_ works as a nanny, basketball coach, writing assistant, and graduate assistant for her college basketball team. Additionally, she runs her own business selling second-hand clothes online.

The TikToker then explains why she does so much.

“The long answer is because I went through a breakup at the end of March, and I just knew I wanted to keep busy this summer,” she says. “So now I just work a lot of jobs. It keeps me busy and distracts me from my midlife crisis that I was going through.

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At the end of the clip, @bug318_ says Jobs has greatly improved his emotional state over the summer.

Although some TikTokers were confused by @bug318_’s timeline, most were downright impressed.

“I’m already stressing out with a job, how do you do so much?” a user asked.

“Girl’s accessories to you!” another added. “I have 2 jobs, a full-time babysitter and I work part-time at the cinema and it exhausts me. I don’t know how you do.

Recent research shows that about 70% of students balance work and class. The majority of these students work between 15 and 35 hours per week.

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