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Student loans should not be forgiven by taxpayers

So, during Senator Elizabeth Warren’s visit to Chatham on Saturday, “Becca, a graduate of Northeastern University, asked Warren what her back-up plan was if President Biden didn’t cancel more of his debt. student loan.”

Dear Becca and Senator Warren, the backup plan is: Pay your debt. You and any other consumer acquiring a loan have signed a legal document expressing your intention to repay the borrowed money. Period. There was no clause that the taxpayers would “save” you from any madness you might find yourself in in the future.

As an aside to Warren, Americans don’t want to eliminate student debt, they want people to pay their legal obligations. Furthermore, they want an education system that does not continue to raise its tuition fees to meet any new government subsidy, as they will again if this attack on the middle and lower income classes is enacted.

If anyone wants to take on student debt, it should be colleges and universities sitting on billions of dollars in endowment. And stop paying teachers $350,000 a year to teach a class.

Jonathan Borden, East Falmouth

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