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Skills City will train more than 1,000 people in tech jobs

IN4 Group, a leading provider of start-up skills, innovation and growth services, is set to train more than 1,000 people from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds for technology careers and early apprenticeships, after several government contracts worth £3.5m through its Operation Skills City.

Lancashire-based IN4 Group now works across the UK, having won regional contracts in the North West, North East and Midlands.

This includes contracts for the Department for Education Skills Bootcamps Wave 3 offering to deliver its unique “Accelerated Learning” model which accelerates people from Skills Bootcamps to technology-based apprenticeships, with learners qualifying in less time than standard current through accredited training.

Skills City provides people in its seven digital skills boot camps, which include cybersecurity, software engineering, game development and immersive technologies, with training and development support over 12 to 16 weeks.

This helps prepare them for a guaranteed job interview that takes them to entry-level positions or careers that lead directly to Level 3-5 apprenticeships with a local employer, by connecting to the network of Skills City employers of over 3,000 jobs and apprenticeships.

Fully-funded Skills Bootcamps aim to increase equitable access to tech careers, especially for people from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Skills City has supported people from a variety of backgrounds, including return-to-work moms, Uber drivers, security guards, ex-military, and hospitality workers in roles as cloud engineers and data analysts, among others.

Over 32% of learners were women and over 56% were from Black, Asian and Minority (BAME) groups, 51% of whom were unemployed at the start of their training.

With a focus on innovation and meeting employer demands for digital talent, Skills City will introduce new Skills Bootcamps in data analytics and cloud engineering with sustainability that will be targeted at jobs of the future and the emerging green economy.

Blackburn-born Mo Isap, CEO of IN4 Group, said: “We have devised a unique plan to give employers and learners choice and our ambition has always been to operate across the UK with Skills City, so that we can help accelerate even more people who previously would not have had access to these opportunities in world-class technology careers.

“We are focused on supporting ‘broken arrows’ – people who have had challenges in life, hardship and who have been disadvantaged in one way or another. It is their resilience and courage with the life experience that employers are looking for.We add the knowledge of technology and they become world beaters!

“We are delighted to have reached this important milestone and to have grown our Skills City offering to operate nationally and support over 1,000 people, providing employers with the most diverse, qualified and ready-to-use talent. , and boosting jobs and prosperity in parts of the UK.”

Applications for Skills City in September are now open, find out more here.

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