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Side Hustle Ideas in Hoboken and Jersey City

The pandemic, while difficult, has brought us a big silver lining – a more flexible work schedule. Time spent commuting on the bus, PATH, train, or in your car can now be used to drop your kids off at school, throw away that extra load of laundry, take a midday walk, or exercise at noon, and do those errands that used to be put off to the weekend. It also created an opportunity to have a side business and earn extra money. Depending on your skills and availability, there are plenty of creative and fun ways in Hoboken and Jersey City to earn money with a second job in your spare time. These paid projects, big or small, can easily be done outside of your full-time job and are great for flexible hours. Side activities are a great way to manage your finances, save for the future, pay off debt, or even have some extra cash to spend on a night out or vacation. Hoboken’s Daughter put together some ideas for side hustle and second jobs in the Hudson County area.

Dog walking and boarding on Rover

One of the many reasons we love living in Hoboken is the way dog friendly it is. Many cafes, shops, restaurants and bars allow dogs so you can eat or shop next to your pup (but remember that NJ law states that food establishments are not allowed to leave dogs inside). Recently, many dog ​​owners have returned to the office on a hybrid schedule or decided to take a well-deserved vacation. The need for dog walkers and sitters has therefore been in high demand.

If you are a dog lover and this interests you, we suggest you create an account on Vagabond. A few simple steps, a short assessment and you’ll be in business. There are also opportunities to find work through dog-friendly groups on Facebook, such as ‘Hoboken dog lovers.’ It’s a great place in the local community where people go for dog advice, tips, and generally someone to watch over their pup. The going rate for dog walks is $20 on average for a 30-minute walk and $45 on average for overnight boarding. Additionally, a few local businesses such as “Tails on Trails” in Jersey City, “Pawesome Pups LLC” in Hoboken, “Trusty Tails Pet Care” in Hoboken are currently hiring dog walkers.

Reception work

washington hoboken general store

It seems there are so many new businesses in Hoboken and Jersey City that we can barely keep up. Retail stores, new and old, are hiring and providing opportunities for residents to work in a variety of different roles on a part-time schedule. Regardless of your level of experience, part-time job opportunities are ideal for a flexible schedule. For example, Hoboken Washington General Store Currently hiring part-time weekend and weekday salespeople, Hazel Baby + Kids is hiring a salesperson, Club Pilates is hiring office reps and studio staff, and Hound About Town is looking for a salesperson.

Home work

Moreover, many Coffees, Restaurants, and bars around town are looking for extra help. If you are interested in being a hostess, bartender or server or are looking to gain experience in the retail or hospitality industry, be sure to keep an eye out for local places such as Zack’s Oak Bar, Urban CoalHouse, Turning Point, Grand Vin, Dear Maud, La Boheme, Zack’s, Tosti Cafe and Uncle Milton’s Cafe, to name a few. Many companies advertise their vacancies outside of their building, but it never hurts to ask the manager as well. You never know where an opportunity might lead.

Fitness Classes/Work Exchange

side scramble fitness workout

If you are an avid sportsman, aptitude enthusiast or participant in a gym class, try to search for vacancies at the reception of your favorite studio. While the compensation probably won’t come in the form of money, you may have the option of receiving free fitness classes, which in the long run will ultimately save you money each month. Many yoga studios such as Asana Soul Practi

ce, Reel Hot Yoga, and Surya Yoga Academy offer yogis the opportunity to work at the front desk in exchange for unlimited yoga classes. A win/win!

Childcare / Nanny

Hoboken attracts many different age groups, especially families with young children. If you are good with children or are pursuing a career in teaching, there are plenty of opportunities to become a babysitter or nanny in your spare time. You can create an account on, ensuring you have a trustworthy profile, qualifications, references and certifications. Also, you can explore the local groups in Hoboken where mothers tend to report that they need extra help and care after school. You can also spread the word by advertising your child care services with flyers around town or on a bulletin board at one of the many local day care centers and elementary schools.

Food delivery

food delivery

Another great way to earn money with a very flexible schedule is to deliver food. Third parties such as UberEats, DoorDash and GoPuff allow you to deliver food with your car, bike or scooter to people’s doorsteps. Similar to driving on Uber or Lyft, this gig can be done at your own pace and you can deliver day or night, for as long as you want. Plus, countless restaurants offer (contactless) delivery in Hoboken and Jersey City, so you can work directly with the company to deliver food throughout the region. Some of the companies that hire delivery people include Napoli’s Pizza, Quality Greens Kitchen, Wings To Go Grande Pizza, Hot House Pizza, Dominos Pizza and many more.

Sell clothes

sale of clothes

if you are meLooking to clean out your closet or are just tired of looking at the same clothes day after day or even year after year, it’s a win-win for cleanliness and earning extra cash. Between local consignment stores and sites like Poshmark and Thredup, selling your little-used clothes has never been easier. For example, with Poshmark, it takes a few minutes to create an account, post photos of your clothes, and list items. Once someone makes an offer and you accept it, the process is seamless (no pun intended!).

All you have to do is download and print the shipping label, pack the item, and drop it off at the nearest USPS, all for free. Pro tip: the more images and angles of each element, the better. Also, it’s best to include actual images wearing the actual clothes. Branded items and items tagged “NWT” (new with tags) sell the fastest and will give you the highest sales, but you can still make a few dollars on used clothing.inflate.

YouSPS locations in Hoboken are: 89 River Street, 502 Grand Street or 734 Washington Street, and locations in Jersey City are: 69 Montgomery Street, 392 Central Avenue or 504 West Side Avenue.

Plus, another way to make money on used clothes is to drop off your clothes at local consignment stores like the Buffalo Exchange in town, where you’ll receive either 25% cash back or 50% back credit. store for cleaning your closet.

Rent your accommodation on Airbnb

rent airbnb

If you’re away many weekends, whether for work or a long, well-deserved vacation, renting out your space is such an easy way to earn some extra cash. You can look to list your apartment on sites like AirBNB and Vrbo. As long as it’s okay with your property managers and landlord (and it’s crucial to check it out), listing your space online is a great way to earn some extra cash and requires minimal work. The Hudson County area will always be in high demand by visitors and tourists, due to its very convenient location to Manhattan – and not to mention all the activities, restaurants and sights that Hoboken and Jersey City also offer.


If you’re adept with a professional camera, this one’s for you. With the huge growth of blogging and social media, the demand for skilled photographers to develop, create and style is a profession that is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you prefer to photograph landscapes, landscapes, recipes or portraits, there will always be a need for a qualified photographer. Hoboken and Jersey City in particular are huge destinations for big celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings. People are always looking to document every moment – and we may be biased, but there really is no better view than a photo shoot done with a New York backdrop. An experienced photographer is invaluable these days, and at an average rate of $100 per image, it’s not a bad way to start a side hustle. Start small, create an Instagram account to showcase your work, spread the word, and be consistent.

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