Should voters decide if the mayor of Wayne is full-time? The counselor says

WAYNE — A member of city council tried to prevent a final vote on an ordinance to turn the mayor’s job into a full-time job by proposing a referendum to gain voter consent for the move.

But on Tuesday, it appeared his efforts had been in vain.

Councilwoman Francine Ritter said she was told Tuesday morning that her non-binding referendum proposal would not be prepared by the township attorney in time for council to consider it this week.

“This is a strategic maneuver designed to achieve the mayor’s desired goal,” Ritter said, announcing his displeasure to followers on Facebook. It is “against the will of the people”.

In a previous interview, Ritter said the proposed adjustment to the mayor’s position is such a significant change that it demands transparency. The public, she said, should be fully aware before this happens.

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