Seniors still want and need work | Advice from Héloïse

The Sound Off of the day concerns seniors looking for work:

Dear Héloïse: According to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 20% of Americans over 65 are still working and plan to continue working for a few more years. The United States Social Security Administration said that as of August 2021, there were about 46.7 million retirees in the United States, but of that number, about 20% to 25% are looking for part-time work – the main reason being finances.

While many people wait until retirement so they can go on a cruise or take up a new hobby, they usually find that they can’t spend all of their time traveling or doing hobbies. Most seniors want a job with flexible hours and, if possible, a position that allows them to work from home. As mentioned earlier, financial concerns were the main reason given for “why” they wanted to work. This was followed by a desire to stay active, keep their brains sharp and give them purpose.

The main problem for most seniors is that most employers won’t hire them. Some can’t even get an interview. Life doesn’t end at 65 or 70 for retirees, and they often have a number of useful skills to offer people. They are generally punctual, hardworking and dedicated to their employer. Many of them have skills that young people today have never learned. Seniors who have previously taught in school may offer private tutoring to give a student the focused attention they may need. Carpentry, woodworking, and plumbing are skills that many of us don’t have the time or tools for. All these people need is a chance to be hired and, once hired, to show how quickly and efficiently they work.

If you’re hiring a new employee, look for someone who has all the experience, skills, and patience you need for the position you’re hiring.

And, remember, seniors are rarely job-hoppers.

– Christine W., Cape Coral, Florida


Here are some additional uses for yarn scraps:

– Draped over bushes for birds to use when building the nest.

– Make an afghan, after having enough yarn.

– Use the yarn as ribbon on gift packages.

– Donate to a school for craft projects.

– Use the yarn to tie a child’s hair away from their face.


Dear Héloïse: I work for a large credit card company here in the United States, and we see fraud all the time. Usually, these scammers make everything seem normal, but they are trained to be smooth talkers. It’s just part of “The Art of Fraud”. Here are four important things you need to remember, no matter what a scammer says:

– Never send cash in the mail, no matter what you are told.

– Never pay for services or tangible items with cryptocurrency.

– Never use gift cards to pay for online purchases.

– Always use credit cards for online transactions. Credit card companies have protections to recover your funds if you have been the victim of fraud.

– David H., Toledo, Ohio

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