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Ali Dieguez profited from Poshmark by reselling second-hand clothes

Ali Dieguez graduated from San Diego State University in May 2022 with a degree in Kinesiology. While in college, she successfully launched her reselling business on multiple apps.

She has been featured in Business Insider and Nextadvisor by TIME magazine.

Dieguez first downloaded Poshmark in high school to occasionally shop for clothes, but didn’t sell anything until her sophomore year at SDSU when she got her own car, which allowed her to shop thrift stores more often.

One day she found a pair of size 6 Lululemon leggings. They didn’t fit her, but then she realized she could resell them. She was familiar with the app as a buyer, so the selling process was easy for her.

Dieguez took classes at SDSU and Grossmont College while working three part-time jobs and training Muy Thai, so she was already busy.

“Going back to when I was working, it was like a lot in terms of the schedule,” Dieguez said. “So with that, I was able to create my own schedule. The turning point was also that I saw that I was making more money doing that than when I was doing those three jobs.

In the fall of 2019, she studied abroad in Bangkok. Dieguez didn’t have a job when she returned, so in January 2020 she tried selling again. Then, in March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic happened.

“Looking back, it was the perfect time for me to find the resale because if I had gotten a conventional job, I probably would have been laid off because of COVID,” Dieguez said.

Marcia Jones, an SDSU exercise and nutrition science lecturer, had the pleasure of having Dieguez as a student. She noted that the most memorable students show initiative in getting to know professors and have a strong work ethic, which Dieguez demonstrated during her time in Jones’ class.

“She’s got a company, she pushes herself physically and it’s important that she’s well-rounded,” Jones said.

Dieguez has found his niche in the sale of sportswear, as fitness is such a big part of his life. As a Muay Thai athlete, she knew all the top brands beyond the popular ones.

She spent the weekends saving money and photographing the objects. Between classes and training, she found time throughout the week to post announcements.

After six months of selling sportswear, she saw the potential for resale and opened a sportswear account.

Since then, it has expanded to other reselling apps, such as eBay, Mercari, and Depop.

After graduating, Dieguez began a massage therapy program at Pacific College. She now works as a personal trainer, but her main source of income comes from reselling clothes.

“I think I will definitely continue reselling as long as it’s profitable and realistic,” Dieguez said. “Sustainability is almost fashionable now.”

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