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Uploaded: , Wednesday August 31st, 2022

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Prior to hitting the big screen, Jordan Peele’s Nope generated 1,550 local jobs and tens of millions for the state economy, according to new data from NBCUniversal’s Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.

Nope is a film about a brother and sister who encounter a UFO on their ranch in Agua Dulce. They hatch a plan to film the craft in high quality to sell the footage and get rich.

Peele’s production was also the first to partner with NBCUniversal’s UFEG and its global talent development and inclusion team to launch the Below the Line Internship, which offers training and mentorship. on the job and offline in some departments below the line. on several NBCUniversal film projects around the world. With the growing demand for talent and experienced craftsmen across the industry, this groundbreaking initiative aims to train the next generation of clients, props, cameramen, technicians and the myriad of roles crucial for any team. of production.

“Behind this thrilling alien film, there is a true story of how the film and television industry creates jobs and other economic benefits – in California and in all 50 states,” said Charles Rivkin, President and CEO of the Motion Picture Association. . “An overview of Nope’s impact includes the millions of dollars it injected into the local economy, the hundreds of local jobs created, and the many local businesses supported throughout production.”

“It’s great to see filmmakers like Jordan Peele and studios like NBCUniversal investing in the future of our state with inclusive training and mentorship programs,” said California Film Commission Executive Director Colleen Bell. “Our own Career Pathways program is fully funded through tax credit projects such as ‘Nope’ to help students in underserved communities gain the work and life skills they need for entry-level jobs in the manufacturing industry.”

For the production of Nope, UFEG and GTDI collaborated with Hollywood Cinema Production Resources and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition to provide six interns with direct on-set and visual effects experience.

“We are very proud of the success of our first Below the Line course, and we are incredibly impressed with the talent and impact of our inaugural class on this production,” said Janine Jones-Clark, GTDI Manager and EVP, Inclusion. – Talents & Content, UFEG. “In just one year after launching our pilot program on Nope, the internship has already grown to nearly a dozen films currently in production, with several more on deck, and nearly 50 interns. Universal is committed to providing more industry entry for underrepresented creators, craftsmen and filmmakers, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Jordan Peele and the entire Monkeypaw team for their partnership and for making this internship a reality. We look forward to generating more opportunities and jobs for emerging creators wherever we work. »

The impact of Nope’s production includes:

-Over 1,550 local workers have earned salaries totaling over $48 million.

-Over $4.0 million spent on transportation, including truck and car rentals.

-Over $1.1 million spent on catering and other food items.

-Over $2.0 million spent on hardware and wood supplies.

-Over $10.0 million spent on local rentals and purchases for set decoration, production and other supplies.

Nope opened nationwide on July 22 at No. 1 at the North American box office and grossed over $110 million domestically. It is now available on PVOD. More information about the Below the Line internship and other inclusive GTDI experiences can be found on Universal’s website.

More information on the California Film Commission’s Career Pathways program is available at this link.

For additional interviews with the film’s creators, in front of and behind the camera, please visit the credits.

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