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Royal poll results: Meghan and Harry should NOT return as part-time royals | royal | News

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down as senior royals two years ago, but royal watchers have since suggested the couple could return to part-time royal duties when Prince Charles becomes king. While talking about his book ‘Scandals of the Royal Palaces: An Intimate Memoir of Royals Behaving Badly’, royal expert Tom Quinn told US Weekly last month: ‘We’ve heard Charles say before that he wants rationalize the royal family, [to] modernize it.

“I think Meghan and Harry are hoping…Charles will be open to [them being] part-time royals, which they wanted from the start.

Mr Quinn added: “Of course the Queen – who grew up with this feeling that you are completely or completely – she would not allow [it]…Charles might well allow this.

Similarly, Kinsey Schofield, founder of royal website, told that Meghan and Harry would be “eager” to return to the UK as part-time royals.

As a result, asked readers for their views on whether they think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be allowed to return as part-time royals.

In a poll that ran from 10 a.m. on Monday May 16 to 9 a.m. on Wednesday May 18, asked: “Should Meghan and Harry be allowed to become members part-time royals?”

A total of 13,498 people voted with the overall answer being “no” they should not be allowed to become part-time royals, winning by a landslide of 97% (13,119 people).

A further three percent (336 people) said “yes” they should be allowed and only 43 people said they didn’t know anyway.

Readers left hundreds of comments under the accompanying article in a heated discussion about Meghan and Harry’s future as senior royals.

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Meghan and Harry should NOT return as part-time royals – Not a ‘pick and mix’ job (Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty)

One reader, username prestonfan1 said, “Absolutely NOT. They made their choice and now they would have to live with it.

Username annerein said: “No. They made their decision in 2020. Sorry if things don’t go their way.

And username Sport2160 wrote: ‘They should never be allowed to come back full or part time. They are gone, so let them play for them whether they succeed or not.

Many others were also against the idea of ​​Meghan and Harry returning, such as username Highlands, who said: “Of course these two shouldn’t be welcomed as royals. , they shouldn’t be welcomed in the UK at all.”

Meghan and Harry

Royal experts have suggested Meghan and Harry could return to royal duties on a part-time basis (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty)

Username Arthur Martha said: “They’ve made up their mind so they should NOT be ‘part time’ or in fact be allowed to come back at any level.”

While username sutty61 wrote: “No I don’t want them back, you’re either a working royal or you’re not.

Others noted the Queen’s views on part-time royals in their comments with username Downwithbeer47 writing: “The Queen has already said ‘NO’ to this idea!”

Username Juniorbutton said, “Whether it’s inside or out, you can’t be half in or half in!” That’s what Queen Elizabeth II said.

Another, username Tunnicliffe, said: ‘Harry and Meghan went out as they wanted, so they could stay out and about in California.

“As Her Majesty said, they can’t be half in or half in, or pick and choose which engagements they would like to make.”

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Meghan and Harry timeline

Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior royals in 2020 (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Similarly, username David17 said, “Absolutely not!! The business is not a “pick and mix” affair. It’s a full time job. »

However, some conceded they would welcome Meghan, Harry and their children Archie, three, and Lilibet, 11 months back into the royal fold.

Username Duke4me$ said: “I think they should be allowed to come back as they are family and continue to do the same job as when Royals.

“When Prince Charles becomes King, I see that happening. Prince Harry had a lot of experience and he will be loved.”

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