Retired for 3 years, this NYC employee is back to work via the Silver Stars program

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Word of mouth can often be a better way to get a job than responding to an ad. And for Cynthia Murray, word of mouth from a friend brought her back to work after being retired for three years.

Murray’s friend, another retiree, told him about the Silver Stars program.

Launched by the Municipal Department for Aging (DFTA) in the fall of 2021, the Silver Stars program enables municipal agencies to staff their staff with experienced, talented and qualified professionals while benefiting from cost-saving measures and a process accelerated hiring.

Murray, 67, retired from the New York Police Department in April 2017 after 19 years where she worked as a supervising police communications technician overseeing 911 operators and dispatchers.

Retirement was going well for Murray – there was plenty of time to spend with his grandchildren and family. But when the initial wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) passed, she heard about the Silver Stars program.

“I signed up, and soon after I was called and emailed about job opportunities. The openings were part-time positions, no more than four hours a day and 20 hours per week, which made it very attractive,” Murray told Advance/

His resume ended up with the City Department of Administrative Services (DCAS) for the position of sales associate at the City Store in Manhattan.

“My return to the workforce was driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation experienced due to the virus. I wanted to get out and see people and have adult conversations. The extra money is a plus and I can spoil my grandchildren,” she said.

Returning to the workforce has been a joy, Murray said.

She enjoys seeing smiling customers and all the “cool things” offered at the City Store, which she says are perfect gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

Pleasant Plains resident Mary McLaughlin, 67, retired from the FDNY in September 2021 and is another Staten Island resident who decided to join Silver Stars.


DCAS may be one of the lesser-known city agencies, yet it’s responsible for much of what makes New York City, New York City.

DCAS Commissioner Dawn Pinnick explains, “With a wide range of responsibilities from managing New York’s most iconic courthouses and civic buildings to purchasing more than $1 billion a year in goods and services for more than 80 city agencies, we are driven by our mission to make city government work for all New Yorkers.

The agency is responsible for recruiting, hiring and training municipal employees; manage 55 public buildings in the five boroughs; the acquisition, sale and rental of municipal property; overseeing the greenest municipal vehicle fleet in the United States; and lead the city’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions from government operations.

There is no greater threat to our own future than the ongoing climate crisis,” she said.

A recent joint effort with the city’s Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Transportation to improve school bus safety is another example of how DCAS works for all New York residents, even the youngest. of them.

Pinnock said being part of these innovations and the ability to be part of all facets of municipal government makes working at DCAS, through regular employment or the Silver Stars program, rewarding.

“I’m proud to share that both my parents were dedicated public servants, and I currently live in a multi-generational home with my 76-year-old Young mom. Every day I have a front row seat to the inspiring, wise and thoughtful person that she is and how that translates into her continued support of our family and her community. To me, she’s a golden star, a silver star, and she shines as bright as any other star in the galaxy,” Pinnock said.

She continued, “People who return to city service after retirement are very much like my mother, always filled with the wisdom and courage that can improve the lives of New Yorkers. It was therefore obvious to support the Department of Aging’s Silver Stars program. For many, the call to public service is more than just a job; it’s a lifelong passion to help and serve others. This passion doesn’t stop when they retire, and through the Silver Stars program we manage to give a second wind to retired city employees who have even more to give to their city. We welcome city retirees and value their experience and institutional knowledge of city government. »

Murray agreed with Pinnock: “I would recommend and recommend DCAS and the Department of Aging to other retirees who might benefit from returning to work for the city for a few hours a week. It’s doable and you have the rest of the time to do whatever you want – it’s the best of both worlds.


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