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Repayment of student loans: is travel the solution?

Cancellation of student loans is on the horizon, with experts saying President Joe Biden could cancel student loans for more than 40 million Americans any day, wiping out debt balances. averaging over $37,000.

But what if you don’t qualify? Or if it does not happen?

Remote working and traveling could be the answer. Luckily for you, many companies recognize that their employees need help paying off their student debt, as well as the fact that many people want to work from home or work and travel.

FlexJobs, a job search site specializing in flexible and remote employment, has identified 30 companies that provide student loan repayment assistance and hire for remote jobs. This means you can travel the world, earn money, and not have to worry about student loans.

Many companies on the FlexJobs list offer student loan support through a monthly payment to people who are currently paying off debt. Other companies provide annual contributions applied to student loans (or even a 401k).

The level of student loan forgiveness generally depends on whether the employee has full-time or part-time status.

Here are 30 companies that offer student loan forgiveness assistance as well as remote work or work-from-home opportunities, listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Abbott: A healthcare research company with remote jobs in marketing, medical science and more.
  2. Aetna: A health insurance company with remote jobs in consulting, customer service, research, to name a few.
  3. American Family Insurance: An insurance company with flexible jobs in event planning, project management and more.
  4. Ameritas: an insurance, benefits, and financial services company with remote jobs such as lead plan administrator and data operations manager.
  5. Atticus Law: A new type of public interest law firm with remote working options in legal, editorial and related fields.
  6. BAM Communications: A journalist-founded PR and marketing firm with 100% remote jobs in advertising, PR, account management and more.
  7. ChowNow: A company that helps local restaurants with branded online food ordering systems. Flex jobs have been posted in career areas such as food and beverage and marketing.
  8. CommonBond, Inc.: A company that helps people fund student loans and offers remote jobs in accounting, finance, law, and more.
  9. Crossmedia: A media agency with 100% remote jobs in areas such as advertising, public relations, IT and IT, internet and e-commerce and marketing.
  10. Evercommerce: A portfolio of software companies hiring for full-time jobs with 100% remote flexibility in career areas such as communications, accounting, marketing, and project management.
  11. Fidelity Investments: a financial services company with remote roles such as trader positions and investment consultants.
  12. Google: A technology organization offering hybrid and remote opportunities in areas such as e-commerce, engineering, project management, and software development.
  13. GumGum: A digital media and advertising company with 100% work-from-home flexibility and flexible scheduling options in marketing, accounting, operations and more.
  14. HCA Healthcare: A healthcare service provider that offers clinical and non-clinical career opportunities with flexible career paths.
  15. Homesite Insurance: an insurance company that offers full-time jobs with up to 100% remote flexibility.
  16. Live Nation: A global leader in live entertainment and e-commerce with flexible jobs in engineering, sales, marketing, and more.
  17. Main Street Bank: A property and casualty insurance mutual holding company with full-time and remote jobs in business development, insurance, and consulting, among others.
  18. Medix: a staffing and staffing company with remote roles such as customer service and engineering.
  19. New York Life: A mutual insurance company with remote work roles in marketing, account management and more.
  20. NVIDIA: A tech company with remote jobs such as screenwriter and game engine artist.
  21. Parallon: A healthcare company with careers in fields such as medicine, healthcare, accounting, finance, insurance and more.
  22. Peloton: A home-based fitness business with temporary, freelance, and remote jobs with full-time and part-time schedules.
  23. PricewaterhouseCoopers: A global professional services organization that advertises jobs in accounting, finance, consulting, and business development, among other related fields.
  24. Pure Insurance: a company that provides a range of insurance services and often offers full-time and home-based jobs.
  25. Real Chemistry: A marketing and advertising company that offers flexible jobs for people with bachelor’s degrees and manager-level experience in fields such as advertising, public relations, medicine, health, and management of account.
  26. SoFi – Social Finance: A financial technology company that offers refinancing options, personal loans, life insurance, student loans, investments and mortgages.
  27. Teachable: A venture-backed startup offering a platform to create and sell online courses.
  28. The Hartford: an investment and insurance company with elective, hybrid and 100% remote jobs, some of which allowed flexible and part-time hours.
  29. Vituity: A healthcare delivery organization run and owned by physicians.
  30. Weedmaps: A cannabis company with jobs in marketing, media and more.


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