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Recruitment program to help accelerate talent to entry-level positions

Scheduled to be introduced later this spring in England and Wales, the Food & Drink Careers Passport offers pre-entry accreditation to job seekers seeking entry-level positions.

The system was designed to make it easier for employers to find new recruits certified in food safety, HACCP, health and safety and allergen awareness. The program accelerates interview screening and job onboarding, saving companies time and money and accelerating the recruitment of enthusiastic and engaged new talent to the industry.

Louise Cairns, chief executive of the NSAFD, said: “The new passport is proof that holders will arrive at the interview with basic food manufacturing compliance certification.

“All passport holders have made the obvious choice to pursue a career in food and beverage and have worked to prove it. They are engaged and eager to get started.

Industry support

Companies that have already pledged to support the passport include Premier Foods, Gressingham Foods, Glanbia Cheese, Greencore and Pukka Pies.

Julie Harris, Operations and Early Career Partner of Premier Foods, said: “The new Passport program facilitates access to a new job for all age groups.

“We consider it particularly relevant to engage and nurture young talent and those from excluded groups in the sector. It’s exactly the kind of easily accessible, structured and encouraging first step towards an interesting career that people want and appreciate.”

Employers can use the passport to identify entry-level candidates with pre-interview certification of compliance in the following areas: Food Safety Level 2; HACCP level 2; Health and safety level 2; and Allergen Awareness.

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