Recession-proof your career with technical skills

With economic uncertainty dominating recent news cycles, labor market conditions are often unstable. Amid this challenge and uncertainty, some sectors are less likely to see layoffs during a recession. Specifically, there are few abilities that tend to be more in demand, marketable, and transferable than others. To avoid the anxiety of job instability during turbulent economic times, you can add recession-proof technical skills to your resume! let’s check it hard skills to build a recession-proof career.

Recent recessions and impact on employment

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development says major world economies have slipped into recession as global oil and inflation crises precipitated by Russia’s attack on Ukraine cut growth more than expected .

In light of OECD projections that global growth will fall to 2.2% in 2023 from 2.8% in June, Germany, Italy and the UK will enter a long period of recession in because of their dependence on expensive gas for heavy industry and residential heating. .

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Such conditions in the global economy can have a fatal impact on the global industry. Like the recession from the war between Russia and Ukraine, the world has also experienced a recession for Covid-19 and its impact on jobs. From spring 2019 to spring 2020, the unemployment rate for young workers aged 16 to 24 fell from 8.4% to 24.4%, while the unemployment rate for those aged 25 and over fell from 2.7% at 11.7%.

To stay productive even in a recession, you need to learn a skill or two that will stand you in good stead during these critical times.

The best technical skills to learn how to enter the industries of recession-proof jobs


You won’t regret expanding your coding skills, whether you’re new to the world of coding or already have a deep understanding of a few different languages.

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The need for employees with coding skills is expected to grow alongside the growing popularity of online businesses, apps, and solutions. In the same way that positions in data will face a labor shortage globally, computer programmers and related disciplines will also face a labor shortage, which means that people with these talents will be in high demand.

Part-time coding courses and coding boot camps make it easy to learn today’s most in-demand programming languages, such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and more, in a short amount of time.

cyber security

Business leaders continue to place high importance on information technology security despite the fact that many organizations are preparing for the effects of a recession. According to the findings of a recruitment expert named Robert Half, specialists in the cybersecurity industry have been ranked as the workers that companies are most focused on employing over the coming year.

When looking to hire someone for a cybersecurity role, companies prioritize a number of qualities, including knowledge of cybersecurity across multiple platforms, hacking awareness, and abilities. in computer forensics.

cloud computing

The cloud business is certainly recession-proof due to the high need for cloud-related professions, and investing money in digital skills is more crucial than ever. As the majority of work is done in a cloud-based environment, massive investments in technology and its adoption are on the rise, leading to an abundance of job opportunities.

Companies are rapidly migrating to the cloud to modernize their infrastructure, improve system reliability, and support hybrid work models. The cloud is the next frontier of cloud computing, and cloud ubiquity will persist for longer.

Data analysis

Data positions continue to perform well in LinkedIn’s In-Demand Jobs surveys, indicating that they are in high demand. The data industry in Canada is expected to experience a labor shortage over the next ten years. This indicates that there will be more job openings than there will be people to fill them, giving job seekers the opportunity to select the organization they would most like to be in. employees.

A recession does not lessen the need for data-driven roles; in fact, making a profit could become more difficult for some companies in an unstable economy, which is why many are starting to turn to data-driven solutions during this time.

digital marketing

Because so many businesses, ranging from retail to healthcare, are moving their operations to online platforms, the need for employees with digital marketing skills has remained consistently strong. On a CV, having skills in social media marketing, Google AdWords, SEO and SEM are some ways to catch the attention of potential employers.

Digital marketers also regularly contribute to the data-driven decision-making process within companies, making them essential members of any team. There are a variety of sites online, such as LinkedIn, Google Academy, and Coursera, that offer digital marketing training.

Content writing

Content writing jobs can save your life in a recession. Newspapers and magazines keep coming out, even in times of recession. No blogging website stands empty. On the contrary, they need more content to be written to educate people on how to sustain life in this critical situation. Writers’ income may be impacted, but writers do not remain unemployed.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a valuable digital skill for anyone looking to expand their business presence on the internet. An SEO expert has to manage different online media platforms to drive traffic for a business. Even in a global calamity like recession, businesses and people need to grow and that is why SEO expertise will remain valuable.

Video montage

Videos have become the most popular medium for serving and consuming information these days. People spend hours on video sharing sites like YouTube, TikTok, etc. and watch trending content. With the increase in the popularity of videos, the need for video editors is also increasing. And it is not difficult to perceive that video editing works will be available in any conditions and at any time.

Graphic design

From designing a simple business card to 3D modeling, the work possibilities of a graphic designer were limitless at this time. Design carries the fundamental aesthetic value in everything, and with the shift to digital, graphic design has become a fundamental necessity in all sectors. It has been said by many that graphic design will be around as long as the earth spins.


As you begin 2023 with new aspirations and goals, you might be hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. While the recession proof trades mentioned above offer great job security, the fact is that no job is completely recession proof; yet we can prepare for these worst circumstances. In these unpredictable times, keep a good attitude, cultivate flexibility and adaptability, and learn new skills to secure your future.

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